Love starts (KKB) OS

Hey Abhi…Abhi..Abhi…,shouted a group of boys in a high grade school corridor while cute school girl Pragya passing the class window.Pragya heard the name Abhi and turned to see him.He was sitting in the desk and enjoying his boys teasing her Chashmish.Pragya came into the class and asked the boys actually her friends.Idiots..Stop calling me with someother’s name I have my own name my highness Pragya,said by adjusting her rectangular frame chashma.We didn’t called u we called our Abhi hey na Abhi,teased Purab which made Abhi to give a nod.
Pragya glared at them and went to her place.Abhi was sitting in a parallel row.The two was looking at each other which was noticed by their friends Bulbul Purab.Finally the class were ended all headed back to their home.

Pragya’s phone beeped.
Abhi : Hey,Chashmish!!
Pragya : I’m just mad at u.
Abhi : Im sorry!!Purab is lil bit curious to know abt our relationship.
Pragya : It’s okay!!I think I ll forget my own name.I ll turn if someone said Abhi.
Abhi : Sounds great Chashmish!! *Giggled*
Pragya : Fine Mom is coming text u later bye!! *Fake anger*
Abhi : One minute!!! *Wanna extend the convo*

Pragya : Tell me soon. *showing attitude*
Abhi : Hey our exams got over!!We are just waiting for our results. *Blabbering something*
Pragya : Ya..I’m just praying to God u should get good score. *got serious into the topic*
Abhi : Sure I ll. *lil bit confident*
Pragya : U have to be.I ll give u a gift if u got good score and good college. *expressed happily*
Abhi : What gift!! *planning something*
Pragya : What u want!! *scared a bit*
Abhi : Kiss!!! *asked after a long thinking*

Pragya : Sure..Tata gotta go bye!!! *replied after 10 minutes..Blushed.. don’t wanna say no*
The results were announced.Abhi got moderate marks.Pragya was a good scorer.All applied for their higher studies.Abhi and Pragya decided to select college in Pune.According to the rank list Pragya selected in Pune.After 10 days Abhi attended the interview but he choosed a college in Mumbai as he feel he ll miss his other friends.Purab selected Delhi university and Bulbul selected the college which Abhi selected.

Pragya was upset with Abhi.Abhi too felt very bad at his decision.Pragya didn’t talk with him.The day came Pragya was leaving Mumbai.Purab Bulbul Abhi dropped her in Railway station.Pragya didn’t utter a word with Abhi.Pragya got into the train her eyes were filled.Abhi was in verge of bursting out with tears.The train started to move.Abhi scared of losing her and got into the train.Pragya looked at him and didn’t speak anything.Abhi dropped in his knees.Chashmish…Please don’t leave me.. Just Talk to me..I ll miss u.., cried Abhi.

Really Abhi..U ll miss me..I thought u ll miss it friends alot..If u told me earlier I have been select Mumbai university or else u should had tell me that u r not interested to join in Pune especially with me,she screamed.No Chashmish it’s not like that,I tried to explain.Its okay Abhi..I ll manage leave it have a good future ahead.. Wishing u the best..But please don’t forget me,she said by wiping her tears which made me to drench my eyes.I hugged her Immediately without noticing that the train was moving fast and some ppl r watching us.She too hugged me back we both sobbed while hugging.

Pragya broke the hug and pushed me and slapped me so hard.I was shocked.She held my collars and started to shout.How dare u..How could u leave me alone like this..How I ll be without u for 4 years.Im sorry Chashmish..I’m really sorry but I ll always be there to visit u,I assured.She made me to sit besides her.Im sorry Chashmish,I apologized again.Abhi.. Promise me u ll always be in touch with me.For sure,I assured.

We reached her hostel and I dropped her and came back to Mumbai.We all joined our college.We four always be in touch.Purab and Bulbul teased me and Pragya.But we was clear that there is nothing beyond friendship.We both had engaged on phone over late nights we ll share everything happened in a day.My new college friends use to tease me and her situation is the same as me.We never felt it was love or something but we remained under the mask of friendship.We ll meet during her visit to Mumbai in her holidays.Purab and Pragya was really missing me and Bulbul.

In our college Slowly we made some new friends.I got good friends Tanu,Nikkil and Bulbul also thr.One day we four gone for a movie.At the time Pragya called me.Tanu attended the call.Tanu knows about me and Pragya so she decided to tease her.I was sitting besides Tanu.Tanu told me she gonna make Pragya jealous and make her to confess her love.Actually I denied Tanu by saying she won’t get jealous as we both were good friends..but my heart wants to hear her confession.
Tanu attended the call.Hey Abhi..U know onething,asked Pragya thinking it was me.Hello,said Tanu.Pragya checked her phone did she called me or not she made herself sure that she called me.Hello,Who is on Abhi’s line,asked with a slightly anger probably jealous.I smiled wide by heart hearing her jealous tone.Hey Pragya Im Tanu Abhi’s girlfriend we are out for a movie now,Said Tanu.

Pragya’s P.O.V
When I heard she saying Abhi’s girlfriend my blood boiled.I calmed myself by say that Abhi is just my friend but I couldn’t tolerate Tanu my eyes were filled I could hear Abhi’s giggle from thr I was mad at him for letting Tanu to attend the call.I immediately ended the call in fuming anger.As I hang up the call my phone ranged i know it was the stupid.I attended the call to scold him.

Hey Chashmish,Listen to me,The first word came from him with lots of giggling noise besides him.Im really irritated to the core and ended the call.I couldn’t take it as I was in peak of my anger.He again called me by coming far away from his so called new friends.I attended the call with rage of anger.Tell me I’m running late I’m getting ready to go for a movie,I told in anger and also to irritate him and made him to taste his own medicine.

Abhi’s P.O.V
When I heard she was getting ready to go for a movie I felt an unknown anger probably jealous.With whom,I asked with anger.With my boyfriend,She told me in a stern voice.My blood boiled I ended the call.My friends noticed the change in my face I couldn’t be there I left the place immediately and started towards Pune.

Author’s P.O.V
Pragya was crying hard by in her home.Abhi was in rage of anger on Pragya.He reached her place and pressed the bell back to back.Pragya got irritated and opened the door with anger.It was Abhi he got in and closed the door behind them.So how was the movie,He asked her.Not bad..Well how was ur date,She asked him with glare.It was superb,He replied with attitude.What brings u here,She asked while having tears in her eyes.

I just came here to see how u r happy with ur boyfriend so u r with him in this home..How u changed this much Chashmish hey just tell me r u hooking up with him,He asked in full rage of anger.She just slapped him hard.Did u think im like u..I never ever had boyfriend to hook up.. How could u even think like this u fu***ng idiot,she shouted.Have u seen I’m hooking up with random girls,he shouted back.Not with random girl but with Tanu,she burst out.

WTF,Me and Tanu have u lost it,he screamed.I know she told me she was ur girlfriend,she said innocently.Oh God he sat on the bed by holding his head.U r mad Chashmish she was just teasing u,said Abhi.What teasing,She sat besides him by holding his hands.He pushed her hand.But u r having boyfriend who the hell is he,he screeched.I was just told that in anger I don’t have any boyfriend,She explained calmly.Seriously u r mad,He said.

Btw..Y u r so interested abt my never existed boyfriend,she asked with a slight blush.Because I care about you that’s it nothing beyond than that, he felt nervous to say anything than this.She got anger with disappointment.Well,Thank you for ur care and ur doubts have been cleared ryt so u can go,she said with a glare.

So soon I’m ur guest u r sending me away without a coffee,he said.She glared.Im sorry he said with a low voice.I ll bring ur coffee,she moved towards the kitchen.He followed her to the kitchen and placed himself in the slab while she is preparing his coffee.Chashmish,do u remember something if i got good university u promised me a gift,he asked to start the topic and to know how she reacts.Haa..Tho,she asked casually.I got it now ryt then where is the gift,he asked with a wink.What was the gift I promised,she teased him back.He gone numb he didn’t have the courage to say what was the gift.I forgot what gift I promised Abhi,said Pragya with a teasing smile.
Abhi pushed her in-between his legs and locked her there.

She was shocked by his sudden reaction but she didn’t protest.They both look into each other’s eyes.Wha…what?she asked.Um..well nothing he got down by holding her by waist and pressed his lips onto her.She was shocked and broke the kiss.He was feeling embraced.What..what was that,she asked while her voice broke in-between.

Actually..that..that was my gift so,he said without facing her.Pragya smiles and lifts his face to face her n says,Gifts are Not to be taken it should be given.Abhi gave a confused look.Immediately she crushed her lips onto his.Abhi was taken back by seeing the bold Chashmish.He started to respond to the kiss.Both were not in mood to broke the kiss.The kiss was growing passionate and wild.He pressed her onto him to close the gap between them.

Her hands were playing with his hair.His hands were moved upwards from waist to her br*asts.He got his tounge into her mouth.She was moaning in between the kiss as his hands were moulding her parts.
After a long time they broke the passionate kiss.They both look into each other’s eyes.I love you,he said by still holding her in his arms.She remained silent.He looks confused at her as she remained silent after.For his surprise she gave a soft kiss on his lips and said,Love you too.Abhi smiles and hugs her.U know what Chashmish u driving me crazy,said Abhi in-between the hug.She smiles and broke the hug.I think ur coffee is waiting for u,she said.
They both sipped their coffee.When are to coming to Mumbai Chashmish,He asked.Next holidays Abhi,she said.Im gonna miss u badly how was that if I stayed here with u,he asked.Thats the bad idea ever Abhi we won’t finish our degree instead we ll become mom and dad,chuckled Pragya.Well we can use protections,He said with grin.Her eyes widened and slapped his arms.

She came Mumbai for holidays and their friends are unaware abt Abhi and Pragya’s relationship.It was Bulbul’s birthday.She had invited her friends to her party.Abhi thought to introduce Pragya to all his college mates.Pragya was waiting for Abhi to pick him to the party venue.She was wearing a sleeveless v neck black outfit upto her knees.It was raining already.Just then Abhi came in his car.She ran towards the car and got in.

She drenched in rain when she got into the car.Abhi whistles and says,Hot and s*xy.Pragya glares him.U idiot u are late coz of u I drenched wet how I ll attend the Party now with this wet dress,she shouted.Abhi didn’t speak anything and moved towards the farm house were Bulbul’s party is going on.Pragya was keep on worrying that they are late and now her dress is wet.Abhi parked the car in parking it was late in night everyone is partying hard inside.The rain was heavy.

Abhi got down.Pragya shouts,Are u crazy y u gone out in rain idiot.He came to Pragya’s side and opened the door and pulled her out of the car.Abhi,u mad what are you doing lets get in why we are drenching here,she asked while rain drops running over her head to toe.Suddenly Abhi pushed her into the backside of the car and he got in on top of her and closed the door.Abhi is the time to do romance,she asked with a blushy smile.
U r looking hot s*xy Chashmish u r driving me crazy uffff… Chashmish stop being so cute,he said while licking her water droplets from her forehead.Pragya just closed her eyes.Abhi.. what about the party all ll look for us na,she asked.Still 2 hours is thr for her bday we ll reach on time,he said while caressing her cheeks seductively.Well,we both are wet now so let’s dry out our clothes now,winked Abhi.Pragya made a smile.

She hugged him as the rain was making rhythm in their romance.He slowly roamed his finger over the droplets which made Pragya shiver.He pressed his lips on her.The kiss was so wild.She pulled his hairs.She was shivering of wet dress and the chillness of rain she loved his warm body on her.He made rough kiss all over the face and he traveled south on her.The V neck top exposed her cleavage well.He kissed her there and sucked her in nape and gave her a love bite on her nape.

Ouch,she slapped his arm.He smiled at her and unbutton his shirt followed by hers.They both were naked this was the first time they are lying in each other’s arms.Abhi kissed her br*asts and sucked her nipples.She arched and moaned in pleasure.Her nails dugged into his forearm.They rolled down Abhi placed his hand to her south.She closed her eyes.Eyy!! Naughty Chashmish don’t over imagine nothing is gonna happen now,he teased her.She smiled.Shut up I’m not dying to feel u inside me,she said.Well really,he winked her.She was turned to red.She bitted his lips in return.
Ouch,u r a wildcat,he said by chuckling.She chuckled and said thank you my shehnshah let’s go for party,she said.Well..ya our dresses were dried but we are wet enough,he said by placing a soft kiss in her lips.She pushed him n said,Help me in dressing.Sorry I ll help u in undressing today mission is incomplete,he chuckled.Shut up Abhi,she said while dressing herself.The rain had stopped they both dressed themselves and got out to enter the party.

As Pragya got down Abhi held her hands and pulled towards him and asked.Hey Chashmish are feeling bad for what happened just before,asked with a concern.Pragta smiled at him and said,No Abhi I love to be in ur embrace..u know I love to inhale ur fragrance on to be under ur to be naked infront of u..I’m completely Melting for u..I could never ever imagine anyone in My life than u..Ur every touch and kiss express ur love for me..U r just perfect in ur way..Love ur ur rough kiss..Love ur hands over br*asts..I feel a motherly hood when u suck my wetness in my br*asts..U complete me Abhishek..I love ur care and I trust u more than anything else,she said while eyes were glistening in the moon light.

Abhi’s eyes filled and he hugged her.U r a divine angel Chashmish..Who love me crazily I ll never let u down or I ll never hurt u in anyway,Assured Abhi.Then what about this love bite,she teased him.Well,It hurts u..U didn’t enjoyed me or what,He pouted.Oh baby..I enjoy everything u gave me it ll never hurt me,she assured by a peck in his lips.Chashmish.. Don’t start what we can’t stop,he chuckled.She smiled and both entered the hall in hands in hands.
– The End-

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