Hii frnds. Back with a new episode. Actually due to exams, I am not able to post frequently. Sorry guys. But I promise when ever I get time I will write. Let’s move to the story…..


After two days, the D Day came. All are excited for this day, mainly our ishbir. Preparations for engagement was going on in malhotra mansion. Veer and anand are busy with the guests. All are waiting for the mishra family. Isha was getting ready and she was hell nervous. All other are teasing her by kabir’s name and she  was blushing like a red tomato. Mishra family arrived to malhotra mansion. Kabir entered the hall accompanied by sunil and jaya. He was looking like a Greek God in cream sherwani. All came to meet the groom. But veer was searching for somebody. Suddenly he heard  laughing sound, and saw in t hat direction. Sanchi came there in a beautiful ghagra. Veer was spellbound on seeing her. She came near him and swapped her fingers before him. He came into senses and left from there without uttering a word.

Sanchi: inko kya hua

Veer (veer control beta , behater hoga tu aaj unse dhoor raho)

Isha entered the hall in a cream lehenga and stand beside kabir. On isha side  sanchi and pragya are teasing her and on kabir side veer and satish are teasing him. Both are blushing like hell.

Now pandit told to exchange rings. When both exchanged the rings rose petals showered on them.

After the ring ceremony, all the elders left for dinner and youngsters got bored. To light up the movement, veer announced couple dance. All boys,and girls have to pick a chit and they are their dance partners. All took their chits. Dance partners are




DIL DIYA GALLAAN song was played.

Everyone got immersed in their partners eyes. Veer and sanchi are not able to get off eyes from each other. Finally the song was ended and everyone came back to senses.

After the party, everyone left to their houses  . Veer and sanchi are not able to figure their new feelings.


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