Hii friends. Sorry for the late. Actually I submitted this episode two days back only. But they rejected it saying that it has more hindi lines, against our guidelines  blah blah blah…. So I am again posting it. Kanchi fans don’t feel sad TU hai na humare liye. Here u can make them as a pair. Now enough of my bak bak  let’s start the story…..

The important day came. All are super excited and mainly isha and kabir.  They both are nervous also. Sanchi was seeing the arrangements then savitri called Sanchi and gave her isha’s bridal dress.

Savitri : Sanchi will u do me a favor

Sanchi :ofcourse aunty

Savitri :isko lekar isha ke pass jao aur tu pragya use acche se ready karo

Sanchi : ji aunty.

Sanchi along with pragya came to isha room. There isha was pacing to and fro in her room

Pragya :hello madam why are you walking like this as if you are going to participate in a marathon.

Isha :shut up pragya  I am hell nervous here

Sanchi : kyu??

Isha : see  I am going to marry in few hours and then I have to leave my house. U will go to a new house new environment  new people….

Pragya : waha Sanchi ke ghar me koi thujhe nahi kayega…

Sanchi : except kabir bhai ???

Isha was now blushing.

Sanchi :hayee u r blushing so now get ready fast otherwise that khadoos will kill me for bringing her bride late.

They made isha ready in a gold and red bridal lehenga and done her makeup. She was looking great in that attire.  Later Sanchi and pragya also got ready. On the other side boys are getting ready. Kabir was wearing a cream sherwani looking like a greek god. Boys came to the mandap and are waiting for the girls. Suddenly all turned towards the stairs and saw three angels desending them. Boys got mesmerized by seeing their partners. Veer was soo happy as Sanchi was wearing that pink lehenga which he selected in shopping.

They marriage rituals started. Sanchi did their ghatbhandhan. They took seven pheras by doing promises to each other. Later kabir tied mangala sutr around isha ‘s neck and filled her hairline with sindoor. Pandit announced them as husband and wife.

They took blessings from the elders and the photo shoot went on.  Now It’s time for bidaai…

Isha was crying by hugging and kabir came there to console her.

Anand : take care of my little girl….

Kabir : like a princess…  I promise

Sanchi was searching for veer everywhere. Later found him in the lawn.

Sanchi :tum yaha kya kar raha hai neeche sab tujhe bula rahe hai

He didn’t responded and was sitting silently.

Sanchi :veer! !

He suddenly hugged her and poured his heart out. Sanchi calmed him by rubbing his back. Later he realise his position and to avoid embarrassment went from there.  Later mishra family went to their mansion along with their dil. Jaya did isha grih pravesh and Sanchi led her to kabir room. The room was decorated with scent candles and bed was full of rose petals. She was waiting for kabir. Later he came and sat beside her on the bed. He unveiled her and make her look at him. Both were looking at each other with love .Soon the screen got blurred ( thodi privacy de do na yaar)

On the other side  Sanchi changed into night wear and went to sleep. But the flashes of veer hugging her was coming into her mind. The same is for veer also.

Veer : I will never show my emotions tiTo anyone but today I  melted before Sanchi  her presence will make a different feeling kayi mai…..

He placed his hand on his heart and closed his eyes. Sanchi smiling face came in front of his eyes.  He opened his eyes.

Veer : yes  I am in love  pyaar hogaya tumse miss. Golgappa

Sanchi also realised her feelings on veer

Veer decided to propose her tomorrow.



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