Hii frnds. Sorry for the late because now I am in home and my parents didn’t know about my account in tu. So very very very sorry. Now let’s start the story….


All the four reached mishra mansion. All their families are present there. Sunil announced ishbir marriage after 2 weeks. All are super excited. And started the wedding preparations.

Next day all went for shopping. Veer saw a beautiful pink lehenga and thought this will suit sanchi a lot. But he know that sanchi won’t listen to him . So he took isha help. Isha went to sanchi.

Isha :sanchi yeh dekho yeh tum par accha lagega  ek baar try karona

Sanchi :okk

She went to trail room and came outside. Sanchi was looking stunning in that dress. Veer was seeing her with open mouth.

Isha :veer close ur mouth otherwise mosquito will go into it.

Sanchi bought that dress. Later they went for jewellary shop. There isha saw a locket. But jaya called her so she left that one and went to her. Kabir saw this and without anybody’s notice he bought that locket. After shopping everyone went to the homes.

Few days went away, now it was haldi. Total venue was decorated in yellow and white flowers. There are two stages which are parted by a cloth for bride and groom.  Kabir came there in white sherwani. Isha was wearing white lehenga with floral ornament. Kabir signaled isha that looking beautiful for which she became a red tomato.

Kabir side sunil and jaya came first and applied haldi to him. Now it was sanchi turn.

Kabir :sochna bhi mat

She took a handful of haldi and smeared on his face. Kabir got up chase sanchi. Same happened on isha side also. While running sanchi bumped with veer and haldi was applied on both faces by each other. Later they started playing with haldi. Satish Pragya also joined them.

Old lady :mujhe lagtha hai yaha haldi nahi holi ho raha hai

Old man :chod dona baccha hai kitna pyaara hai inke jodiya

All took selfies and they are looking funny like cartoons. Later they took bath and are resting as there was mehandi function in the evening . Sanchi and veer are thinking about morning scene and they are feeling thousand butterflies in their stomach. Satish informed boys that gents are not allowed for evening function. So they are planning something which was mute.



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  1. Amazing episode dear, please make a long update next time its a request.

  2. Anu88

    So so amazing and superb episode yaar………I love it so so much yaar specially oh haldi bala scene……… Post next one soon dear…… u dear……tc chandu dear…..

  3. Cute one nice epi

  4. VasaviNS

    Abooo. ..your are writing in house….so nice ….

  5. So so amazing and superb episode yaar………I love it so so much yaar specially oh haldi bala scene……… Post next one soon dear…… u dear……
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