Hii frnds. I am CHANDANASSV. Only few people know me. I am a big  fan  of SANVEER??? and obsessed with their pair. As we know there are no stories of them nowadays,I am posting this. Hope all will enjoy….



Sanchi misha – female lead

Veer malhotra – male lead

Kabir mishra – brother of sanchi

Isha malhotra – sister of veer kabir love interest

Pragya yadav – friend of sanchi

Satish kapoor – friend of veer pragya love interest

Sunil mishra – father of sanchi and kabir  owner of sdch

Jaya mishra – mother of Sanchi and kabir

Anand malhotra – father of veer and isha  owner if sdch

Savitri malhotra – mother of veer and isha


Story starts as follows:

The sunrays are peeping into the room through the window ???. An angelic figure is sleeping on the bed peacefully. Her face was like mirror of innocence and cuteness. A lady of mid 50 s came there and saw the room. It was totally messed with books ?. She sighed and move towards the bed. “Sanchi get up” she said.

Sanchi: Mom,only 5 min please – said cuddling her teddy more???.

Jaya: No more excuses it’s already 8.

Sanchi: What??????

She literally jumped from the bed and rushed to washroom. Within 20 minutes she got ready in baby pink top and blue jeans. She left her hair open which has curls at the bottom, enhancing her beauty. She did minimal makeup looking simple. By grabbing her car keys and mobile,she came downstairs. A man of late 50 s was reading newspaper.

Sanchi: Good morning papa

Sunil : Good morning beta u woke up early today what happened

Sanchi: I am going to pick pragya from airport as she was returning from London.

Saying this she went towards dining table and eating breakfast hurriedly. A man of late 20 s came there and patted her head.

Kabir: Duffer eat slowly. The food is not going anywhere.

Sanchi: Idiot I am already late. So don’t irritate me.

She finished her breakfast. After bidding bye she get into the car and drive away.


PRECAP:Sanchi and Veer first meeting.


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