Love starts from crush Pt-3


Jack tries to make karaez bad in Anna eyes plan reciprocals on him. Anna starts hating him. Anna explains to her sis and they decide to teach him a lesson

Today’s episode

Anna was so excited as she got to know that a function is going to held in school and she was damn excited fr that bcz it was her 1st function in her new school so she wante6d to enjoy fully and moreover she wanted to participate in function so that she can enjoy more.

Party day came……
Anna entered in school wearing green shirt and white nature pants……….

The group of boys wr staring at her and cmntng on her… Anna couldn’t wait more there and cmz in class. The class was decorated beautifully
The party started karaez and his friend were sitting back of Anna knew that but didn’t show…..after party Anna came to class…..
After smtime party overes
NXT day
When Anna entered from gate…….karaez smiled and seeing him other boyz also smiled cuz they were talking that the girl came and said oh my God Anna is looking best Anna passed out and after cmng in class she laughed and laughed… …then she came to know that this is a group of almost 9 most popular boys and they are named AZ poWer boyz. Anna Smiled And thot they are not much powerful and dangerous Huhhhhhhh………
Anna Was getting down Chrome stairs then she saw Karaez and Jack along their friends methews Firstly Jack saw Anna and moved his hands 2 words Karaez and methews to inform that Anna is here at that time Anna saw them And Whispers to herself characterLess Boys I have to go from hEre…….no,no,no, I can’t get scared from them no NVR….
What what r u saying
(Nora and lussy r her frndz)
Said Nora as she and lussy heard her whispering smthng to herself…see the most handsome boy of school is cmnf said nora……Anna looked at the boy and said wts his name? At that time the handsome boy was cmng out of computer lab…….
I said wts his name said Anna a bit louder…….
She said to Nora which was continuous ly sataring at that boy
Guptill guptill is his name
Oh oh see the smile on Nora”s face Anna said to lussy and Nora slapped anna., anna and lussy ran out Anna lst her mind and she was toooo much close to karaez

Anna starts falling fr jack,Truth out about bracelet. Anna and karaez chat on fb

Sory guyz fr short upd8 u know bust schedules I tried to up8 toooo much long epi today but smtimes tab got deleted smtimes net prob smtimes add prob

I tried to upd8 a looooonnnnggggggb epi 3 times but now it’s short I know so plz pardon me and accept my apology……..

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  1. Interesting episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thnk u….they r not accepting any fiction…. Well love u loads 2 dear Roma

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