Love starts from crush Pt-2


Hello evry1 I’m glad at ur response thnk u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. And I wanna tell u smthng that bcz of busy schedules of 9th standard may be I won’t be regular smtimes or maybe can’t post long updates plzzz pardon me. But I vil promise I vil try to give as much long upd8 as I can. Sory for not posting yesterday
Here we start

“Oh God wts her name” karaez thought……..karaez wrote all these happenings in his dairy and also wrote the date with this note

“Today is 12 may the memorable
Day of my life……..

Tomorrow I’m gonna know her name
NXT day

Karaez and his friends were sitting on a bench…….after a little bit of time Anna entered……Jack and his friends including karaez were shocked Anna was looking soo pretty in pink and purple check shirt…blue narrow pants…..bands in hands and was folding her arms against her chest….
Karaez was so shocked and was staring at Anna with blank expressions……

Anna just passed out without seeing them….
Atlast karaez and his friends got to know her name through Anna’s friend

Karaez decided to share his feelings wth anna… . but he knew that his friend Jack has started liking her……Jack has a poor personality.

Jack also knew that karaez has feelings fr Anna he wanted karaez to took himself back from his feelings……and thought to make him bad in Anna’s eyes

1 day Anna was going back to home…..she saw karaez and his friends sitting on bike….they were almost 9 friends sitting on bike by 2 by 2 manner and there were almost 5 bikes…….
Anna was seeing them with great anger….

Jack hit upon a plan to make karaez fall In Anna’s eyes……
He gave a bracelet to karaez to throw towardz Anna…. Karaez did the same and suddenly disappeared from there…..Anna was written on bracelet……this made Anna think that Jack has thrown the bracelet…..Anna started hating Jack and and she threw the bracelet in front of jack and karaez’s friends.. ….

After going home Anna explained all this to her sis susain. Susain git angry in Jack and decided to teach him a lesson


Anna fist convo with karaez

Ufffffffff done now with a short upd8. Sry fr it but I remember my promise. So see u on Monday

Love u loads
Bye take care

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  1. Loved it plssss be regular i knw u hav busy schedule bt we lose the connectivity btw episodes wen u tak more tim…atlst update short one daily plsss..its too gud

    1. I vil try my best Dr. And thnkx fr lvng it

  2. Awesome episode, keep it up. I love this story. you loads

    1. Thnk u…..thnk u….lv u loads 2 Roma

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