Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 23


Its Amy(Abhi)

Episode 24

Simi’s room
Ankit is walking here and there in search of Simi.Simi is searching for candle..Suddenly both collides and fell down.Ankit is on the top of Simi.As there is no light,Simi couldn’t identity the person. Simi:Who are you”?
Ankit:Its me!!
Simi:Tum??What are you doing here??
Ankit:Actually i came here to talk to you..?
Simi:Talk to me??There is nothing between us to talk..
She pushed him and stands,..He too stands.She gets a candle and lights it..
Ankit:Please listen to me Simi…please…
Simi thinks:God…why cant i go away from him…his words are making my frozen heart melt.. She controls herself and starts walking towards the door…
Ankit:simi please listen to me.. Simi is trying to open the door,.. Simi:Shit,its closed from did it na..?
Ankit:How can I close it from outside…iam inside na..
Simi:Now what to do??
Ankit starts coming towards her.. Simi gets tensed.
Simi:Ankit,what are you doing??Just stay away from me okay..
Ankit pinned her to the wall.. Simu:Just leave me Ankit.. Ankit:Ok..then listen to me..
Simi :I dont wanna hear any thing..she starts shouting.. Ankit:Please yaar…listen to me…i love you…please give me one more chance..please,..
He hugs first she tried to push him but later she reciprocates… They break the hug…
Ankit:Do you love me??? Simi:Yes,…more than myself..
Ankit kiss her on her forehead..she blushes. He then turned to her lips…He starts kissing her lips..A passionate kiss…Both of them dont want to break the kiss but they had to,due to lack of oxygen.Both blushes.


Both are standing near the door and thinking what to do.. Survi:Karthik,do something…
Karthik is thinking about simkit dance..their bonding..he gets angry. Karthik:Call your Ankit na??he will help you..
Survi thinks:So my would be is getting jealous…i should not waste this chance..
Survi:You are right…if Ankit was here..then he might surely find some solution.
Karthik gets more angry hearing it… Karthik:Then you could have married him na??
Survi:Thinking about it…
Karthik fumes in anger. He pinned her to the wall holding her wrist tightly…she is wincing in pain.. Survi:Karthik,you are hurting me… Karthik tightens his grip… A drop of tear fell from her eyes… Survi:Karthik..leave me,.
Karthik:Why should I leave??Call your hero Ankit na??Say him to come and save you..
Survi:Karthik please…
Karthik:Call your Ankit na?
She gets angry and kisses him hard… Karthik gets shocked..he loosens his grip on her hands…finally he left her hands.. Survi then breaks the kiss and pushes him.She is crying like a kid. Survi:Mr Karthik Barve…Ankit is my best friend,…he is like my bro…i love him alot..i just said like that to make you jealous..but you misunderstood our relation…i hate you…i hate you to the core… Saying this she sits in the corner of a room and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap:karvi,simkit marriage..

Guys sorry….iam very busy with my coaching classes thats why..pls forgive me…

Credit to: AmyJake

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