Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 22


Hai friends.. I was little busy..sorry for not posting… Here is the next episode.. @ night After the dance competition everyone starts going to their room…suddenly the power went.. Karthik gets confused about his room…and So, he accidentally enters the store room.He couldn’t see anything as there was no light.. Simi is going to her room and Ankit is following her…Simi enters her room..Ankit too enter there but Simi didn’t see him as there is no light. Survi is walking to her room,she suddenly stops hearing a sound from store room…She enters the store room to check.. Shrikant is going through that way and sees the storeroom’s open. Shrikant:Ohh..who opened the store room..? He locked store room and went from there. While going to his room he sees other rooms too open. He closes all of them as he thinks people may get confused. SimKith get locked in the room. *Storetoom* Survi still doesn’t know the storeroom is now closed. She moves slowly to check who’s making noice in there, as there’s no light she trips over things present in the storeroom and falls. Listening to the sound Karthik turns around to see who has come and Survi falls on him. Karthik unable to balance the sudden weight, falls on the ground with a thud with her on him. “Ouch,” both say simultaneously. The moonlight falls on their face coming through the window. Karthik opens his eyes only to catch the view of the most beautiful face on the earth. Survi’s face reflected perfectness. He gets lost in her beauty when she opens her eyes and finds Karthik staring at her. She blinks her eyes two-three times as to grasp the whole surrounding. “Karthik,” she whispers his name and he skips a beat. Never had he ever heard his name sounding so sweet. “Leave me,” she asks him as his arms were wrapped around her in a protective manner. Some senses knocked him and he started standing up abruptly. “What were you doin here Karthik?” Survi asks him while standing up. “Woh actually I was finding my room and as there is no light, I accidently came here. I dint know I would end up here in this storeroom.” he says making faces looking absolutely cute due to which Survi can’t help but state at him,his cuteness. “You’re so cute, you know that, don’t you?” she starts laughing and started walking back to go to her room. Cute? That too I? He thought rolling his eyes. Soon enough, he heard her saying,”Shit, the door is locked.” “What?!” he almost screamed in horror. Survi and Karthik start calling for help but no one came, all were sleeping soundly. They both look at eachother with an expression asking,”Does that mean we have to stay here all night, locked up?” Survi nodded her head answering to his mind-question.

Precap:surthik n simkit..cute nokjhok.

how was it??

Credit to: Amy jake

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  1. Cute…. kartik screams WHATTTT i can imagine that… …. n last part their reactions on they hv to stay in store room whole night… that also cute ones….

    waiting for nokjok scene

      1. apni ff complete karo na

      2. Teju,i will complete it asap..

  2. Nice epsiod but u have not post ff from 1week why plzz continue and writes everyday

    1. Sorry yaar i had coaching classes..,that’s why..tomoro onwards i will post daily?

      1. Okk Abhi ……

      2. survi change honewali hai aisa suna hai kya ye rumour hai asaliyat

      3. I think its a fake news…i heard its a prank of April fool.

  3. sorry i could not comment .good epi but plzz post daily

    1. Thankyou n i will post daily.?

    2. Why haven’t you post your updates please continue please please please please

  4. by the way do u read dosti aur dil ff?

    1. I didnt read yet…are u writing that ff..?

      1. Then why??

  5. Hi nice..keep going am a silent readr.frst time am commenting

    1. Thanks a lot for commenting dear ?

  6. Vry nice…u r relay a good writer.

    1. Thankyou so much?

  7. Nice please continue i missed it alot this week please continue

    1. Thankyou n i will post daily ?

  8. Very Nice…

  9. U have not fullfil your promise u said that u will post daily but u are not posting yar

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