Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 20


Amy again…
Hope you liked last episode.. This is the 20th episode..its all because of your love and supports..Thankyou so much..
Episode 20

Ankit’s POV
I saw her coming towards me..with a lot of fear..she was shivering.. I knew that she was gonna propose me…still i stood there like i donno anything.She came to and start saying something…actually i didn’t understand whatever she said except one thing”I love you”. The whole school was around us.She asked me for an answer. “The handsome hunk”students used to state me like that…and “behenji..chashmish”students used to state her like that…if i accept her proposal,i will loose my reputation..but actually i fell for her on the first day of our class…but i couldn’t accept it due to my reputation in the school…Just because of that I said no to her proposal and also insulted her…she changed her school due to that incident… My heart was weeping like a kid when she left the school..but survi’s company made me forget some moment,i think i fell for survi…but then i understood that..for her iam her bestiee..i cannot cheat her as she don’t have any such feelings for me. But again she came into my life..after many years..her outlook changed a lot..but inside she was that same kindhearted girl..I found her ignoring me…Once i did a mistake by leaving her..but not again..I will win simi’s heart at any cost…Yes she is Simi.
Flashback ends.

Survi:Anki,what are you thinking?? Ankit comes back into his senses. Ankit:Nothing..lets go..
At night
Survi and Ankit are talking … Karthik comes.
Karthik in mind:oh..god..he is always behind survi..ohhhh..
Karthik:I came here to say good night..

Ankit &survi:Good night…
Karthik leaves from there angrily. Next day morning
Haldi function preparations are going on.. Ankit comes in green color kurta…survi in yellow simple saree..karthik in Yellow kurta and Simi in green color saree. Ankit gets mesmerised seeing Simi..same happens with Karthik seeing survi. Everyone starts putting haldi in surthik’s face.
Tai:Haldi function completes.Tonight lets have a dance competition.. Ankit:That’s a great idea..
Survi and Karthik went to wash their face…

Tai :Iam the host of today’s dance competition…These are the rules of the competition.Every pair will get two minutes to dance with each other and the real partners will get 5 minutes .After that all should change the pairs with the nearby all will get chance to dance with everyone.. So here are the names of all the girls present here…Boys please come one by one and take a paper from this bowl..
Many of them took the only Ankit and Karthik are only remaining,. Ankit is going towards the bowl.
In his mind:God…please …please..make it Simi..please.. Karthik in his mind:god..please don’t make it survi..please..i cannot see them dancing together….pls.. Ankit takes the name .Next is Karthik.

Karthik in his mind:Pls..god..pls..make it survi..pls..Because of that idiot Ankit i never got a chance to talk to her..pls..make it survi..pls.. Survi in her mind:O..god..please make it my name plss.. Karthik takes the name and stands with everyone.. Tai:Now..all the boys can open the chit..and read out the names of your partner.. Ankit and Karthik gets shocked to see the names..


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Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. Amazing episode……….when are you going to post episode 21 . . . ?

    1. Today itself…??

    1. Thankyou jos..????

  2. When’s the next episode going to be uploaded?

    1. Tomoro only…but I had given the prologue of my new ff..they didnt post it yet..??
      N today is my birthday,.

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