Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 19


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Episode 19
Ankit winks at Karthik.
Survi:Thats bring your luggage now itself.
Ankit:Ya..iam going.Wait both also come along with me..lets do some shoppings for the marriage.
Karthik:Now new drama started. Ankit:Bhai..did you say something?? Karthik:Haan..vo..i was saying that iam very busy..i have a lot of iam not coming.
Ankit:Its okay..Me and survi will go. Karthik in his idiot is always behind survi..
Karthik:Its okay..i will also come.. Ankit:No problem bhai..we will go..dont worry.
Karthik:I said na…i will also come..its final..
Ankit and survi looks at eachother surprisingly while Karthik left from there.

In the car
Karthik is driving the car.Ankit is sitting next to him and survi is sitting in the back seat. Karthik switch on the radio.
Dilko tumse pyaar huwa..pehli baar hua..tumse pyaar huwa. Mai bhi aashiq yaar huwa..pehli baar huwa..tumse pyaar huwa..
Karthik starts looking at Survi through the mirror and smiles while survi is looking out through the window. Ankit changes the song. Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge.. Todenge dam magar tera saath na chodenge..
Karthik gets angry hearing the song and murmurs:Dosti..huh..i will kill this idiot..
He stopped the car in front of a mall. They starts shopping. Ankit took blue sherwani for him.Karthik took red sherwani for him. Survi is confused in selecting. Karthik noticed a red saree with golden border..he liked it a lot. Karthik:I think..that red saree with golden border will suit you. Survi was little surprised…as she never thought that Karthik will select dress for her. Survi asked the sailesman to pack the dress. Suddenly Ankit comes with a blue saree with golden border. Ankit:Survi,listen,i think it will suit you very well.
Survi:Sorry yaar..i already selected the dress…and haa i forgot to take dress for Sumi..i think this one will suit her..
Ankit:Hmm. He starts thinking some past moments..which he shared with simi..

Episode ends..

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Credit to: Amy Jake

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