Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 18


Hai friends… Its me Amy(Abhi). Thankyou Jannat,Mariyah,miloni,karvi,Lovy,Nisha,zara,nisha and samaya…for your supports.
Episode 18
Ankit:Haan me!!Then whom do you thought??Your that so called would be Karthik Barve?? Survi:Ankittt…leave me… Ankit:Noooo…first you take the dairy.
Survi takes the dairy.Then Ankit drops her down. got married without even informing me…hmm..i will not talk to you,.?
Survi:Thank God that you will not talk to me,.
Ankit:Survi…you…I will not leave you. Survi starts running and Ankit is running behind her.
Survi shouts:aaaa..
Karthik comes near to her room and watch everything.
Survi and Ankit are running around the bed.
Finally Ankit catched her.But they both fell on the bed.
Karthik gets angry seeing it.
Both are laughing…
Karthik knocks the door angrily. Survi suddenly stands .
Ankit:Are bhaiiii…you.
Survi: Bhai??Anki..please.. Karthik:Can you get some water for me.
Survi leaves to kitchen.

Karthik’s POV
Calling me bhai and romancing with my would be itself..I will have to do something to make him away from her..what to do????
Ankit:Bhai.what are you thinking??About my princess huh? Karthik:Princess??
Ankit:I mean survi..
Karthik’s POV
Ohh..god..i will kill him.He said survi as his princess…how dare he??
Survi comes.
Survi:Here is the water..what were you guys discussing..
Ankit:Nothing special…bhai was just asking me to stay here itself till you both’s marriage.
Episode ends with Karthik’s frustrated face.

Precap:Rituals with more jealous.. Guys..sorry for short update. Actually Iam writing many ffs so its little difficult for me to manage.This is the only ff that iam gonna write daily. Keep reading..?

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. Nice…. it is so funny …thx

  2. Wow….this is amazingg!!!

  3. nice episode Abhi…. Rituals with more jealous i think it will be funny…. can’t wait for tomorrow…

    1. Thanks…and yes it will be funny to see Karthik jealous

  4. What r ur other ffs

    1. Sorry for late reply…
      Other ffs are on swaragini…around 6 ffs are there on swaragini…

  5. thnk time make it long.

    1. I will try my best

  6. its short but sweet one…once again kartik n ankit over survi its great ff…keep up abhi

  7. It’s so cute seeing Karthik jealous ??????❤️????????

  8. Nice please longer love your ff

  9. Amy… I made my own fan fiction called Yeh Vaada Raha – karvi I submitted the introduction

    1. Iam gonna read it now..??

    2. When are you gonna start your ff

    3. Nisha I already did I have submitted the Yeh Vaada raha – Karvi
      .Episode 1
      .Episode 2

      Please go and read them

      And plzz read the intro and episode 1 for my other ff
      Yeh Vaada Raha – love gives pain

  10. abhi 1 request is there can u write more ffs on yeh vaada raha

    1. Yes…i will write one more ff..intro will be given on Monday..

    2. Yayyyyy your going to make a new ff?? on Yeh Vaada rahaaaaa

  11. Guys…todays episode will be posted on tomorrow morning only..sorry,….That means todays and tomoros episode i will post tomoro…And if i get time i will post two episodes on mondayyyy..

  12. Nice one but u can think like simmi and ankit and karthik and survi and then new villan but nice

    1. Miloni..actually Ankit and Simi r the other pairs in my ff.

  13. Okkk when u will write further then I will understand…. Now plzzz continue it don’t even think of end plzzz continue and plzzz write little bit long and I suggest u that plzzz bring some romance (eg honeymoon…..part)etc and wainting for next epsiod and plzzz write little bit long

  14. Where is the next epi …

  15. Where is d nxt epi?????????

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