Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 17

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Episode 17
Karthik and Survi also explained the lift part.
Survi’s mom:Sorry survi,we misunderstood you..
Papa:Pls forgive us..
Survi:Its okay ma papa..whoever in your position will react like that only.
Tai:Now everything got cleared na..Its good that you people accepted survi and Karthik’s marriage.
Papa:We never accepted their marriage.
Mom:Haan..we didn’t.
Papa: we will accept them,but on one condition,
Survi:what’s that??
Mom:You both will have to marry once again by following all the rituals.
Simi,papa and Tai:Yes..we also want that.
Survi:But ma..
Karthik:Okay..we will do it.
Survi was little surprised to hear that.
Papa:So lets do haldi function tomorrow.
Mom:Till marriage you both can stay here na..pls.. its not needed
Tai:Its okay..lets stay here.There we both are only there will be boring..
Mom and papa gets happy.
Surthik looks at eachother.
Tai:I will ask the driver to bring out our luggage.
Papa:Survi,show their room.
Survi:Haan papa..
Survi and Karthik are going upstairs.Its full of an awkward silence.
Karthik decides to break the silence and said:Iam sorry..actually the situation was very worse that I couldnt even ask your opinion for our marrriage..I know that there is no feeling like love in our marriage.And also after the marriage,you can do the things which you like.You dont have to ask permission to me for anything. But still we can be friends..good friends.What you say.?
survi:Yes ofcourse..we can be good friends.And I would like to continue doing work even after marriage.
Karthik:Just now I said that you dont have to ask permission to me..
Survi:sorry..and this is your room.
His room is next to her room.
Survi leaves from there.
Survi’s room
Survi looks at her in the mirror and smiles.
She removes her mangalsutra and also washed the vermillion.
She changed her dress to a casual one.
She is trying to take a book from the top of the shelf.But she couldn’t.
Suddenly someone came and lifts her holding her waist.She gets shocked.
Episode ends.

Precap: jealous…who??

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Credit to: Amy Jake


  1. Mariyah

    Amazing episode !!!! Are you going to post episode 18 tomorrow……Can’t wait to :] 🙂 :} ………..these are hearts sent from England——♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡?<3<3 <3

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