Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 16


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The episode starts with the shocked face of survi’s parents and Tai.
They found Survi and Karthik outside the door.Both are having garlands around their neck.Survi is having vermillion in the centre of her hairline and also mangalsutra around her neck.
Papa:Survi,what’s all this.
Mom:Haa survi what’s this..?
Papa:Survi..iam asking you.. Survi:Papa..actually,…vo..we got married. He is about to slap her.But Karthik stops him .
Karthik:She is survi Barve now.When iam there with her,i will not allow anyone even to raise their hands to beat her. A drop of tear fell from survi’s eyes.
Tai:You people please try to understand…
Papa:So now you are also supporting them.
Tai:Its because we don’t have any other option.
Mom:Haa..i also think that what they did is not wrong…but its not right too..because before marrying they didn’t even inform us..why survi felt that there is no need to inform us..huh?
Karthik:Actually Aunty even survi was not aware that we were going to marry.

In the car Survi turns and finds Karthik.
Karthik:Sorry for this…i had no other option.
Karthik:Now listen to me carefully.I know that your family lost respect,everything,just because of me.I cant change anything which happened.The only way to cope up with this situation is.. He stops the car in front of the temple. He takes her to the temple. Survi is shocked to see the marriage arrangements. In the temple
Survi:Sir,i cant do this..
Karthik:No other solution..
Survi:But sir.. Karthik holds survi’s hands and did 7 pheras. Then he took the mangalsutra and then looks at survi. Survi also looks at him. Karthik made her wear the mangalsutra.And then put the vermillion in the middle of her hairline.
Flashback ends.

They both looks at each other. Episode ends.

Credit to: Amyjake

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  1. next time make it long plzz..

  2. It’s soooo good but please make it longer and I hope you update everyday 🙂

    1. Yes..i will post daily

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    1. Sure tomorrow itself..about poster,I put karthik’s photo itself..i dont know how it changed.
      HAPPY HOLI to you too .?

  4. Amazing episode! When are you going to post episode 17

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  6. good episode….. but what about the precap and happy holi to all

    1. Thank u..
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      sorry for that..
      Happy holi..?

  7. Nice episode… Happy holi to telly updates

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  9. Please upload longer episode please

  10. Very nice episode…. Wish u a very happy holi frnds….

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