Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 15


Hiii everyone.. Its Amy Jake(Abhi) Its a short episode.As i said before,after the exams i will post long episodes. Thankyou Lovy , tejaswi, Jannat, samaya, karvi and miloni for your comments. Episode 15 In the news channel it says that the CEO of KBK company,Karthik Barve is romancing in the lift with his PA Survi.Then the lift incident’s video is also shown.They showed it in an another manner.That is,they didn’t show survi’s fainting and all.They only showed the intimate scenes of them(CPR and all). Survi’s father and mother along with simi comes and watch the news. All of them gets shocked. Survi’s father gets angry and slaps her. Tai:Karthik..whats all these..? Karthik:Tai..its all a misunderstanding. He said everything to her. Tai:I can understand it..but what about others.? I think it will be a big scene in her house right now..You should do something . are right..i will kill the person who took this video.. Tai:Now you just leave that person.Now think about that girl. Karthik:I have decided something.I cannot say it to you right now because iam not sure that you will allow me to do it.
Tai:Whatever you do..i will support you because iam sure that you will not do something wrong.. Karthik:Tai..Can you go and meet her parents.I have to go somewhere. Tai:I will meet go. Survi:Papa..its all a misunderstanding..its not like that. Papa slaps her again.
Papa:I dont want you to stay here anymore.We lost all our respect just because of you.
Simi,and survi’s mom gets shocked.

He holds her hand and throws her out of the house.simi and survi’s mom tried to stop him but he didnt. He closed the door.
Survi cries woefully. She starts walking through the road.She is still crying.
Survi:Why god..why you are doing this with me.
One car stops nearby her and someone pulls her inside the car and the car went.
Tai went to survi’s house.
Survi’s parents:Who are you?? Tai:Iam karthik’s Tai.
papa:Your son already gave us a wonderful gift.Now do you want to give us something.?
Tai:Actually Karthik are survi are innocent.Its all a misunderstanding. Papa:So you are saying that whatever we saw in the Tv is not true…video and all is it?? Tai :Its not fake..its real..but the situation is different. Actually survi got unconcious and..
Tai got a message in her phone.She opens the message and gets shocked to read it.
Papa:why did you stop…you forgot the story in between.

Tai:Can you please open this door. Papa:Thank finally you decided to go.
he opens the door. Tai,Shrikanth,survi’s mom and simi gets shocked to see something.


Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. i think survi n karthik got married

  2. I was rt…..yipeeeeee…. n now I’m thnking tht KARVI will be there in door….bt there will be 2 things to be happened …
    1) kartik come with survi after doing marrige…
    2) something is happened to survi n she is unconscious …n in kartiks arm…

    bt i hope 1st will happen …. n kartik is one who drag her in car… such kind of kidnapping …n marrying her for the sake of society …

    Today’s epi is sooo good keep it up…

    1. One of them is right..?

      1. U r rocking ..yaar.. keep it up…

  3. AWESOME epi but suspense? ???

    1. Becus something special is gonna happen.?

      1. really???

  4. *but why suspense?

  5. Nice episode… m also think that survi nd karthik got married… let see what happen in next episode…

    1. Lets see…?

  6. episode will be posted on or b4 Tuesday..

  7. intersting but when will u post the next epi can’t wait.plzz update soon

    1. On or before Tuesday..

  8. interesting….but plzzzz post the next epi as soon as possible

  9. Amy can u understand hindi. Amy its not fare dat u kept suspense up2 4 days.dat means we have 2 wait till tuesday……….A big HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    1. Sorry yaar…because I have my social exam ..that’s why..
      And I can understand Hindi..but why did u ask.?

  10. Oh wow I love suspense

    1. Then be ready for it..

  11. I can’t waitttt till Tuesday when your gonna post ep 16 ????

    1. Okay then monday…happy???

    2. Monday !!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy that’s today have u uploaded it yet Amy

  12. I’m very happy☺☺☺☺

    1. Since you guys are supporting me a lot…I will try my best to post it tomorrow..not sure..but I will try my best??

  13. Actually i asked this so dat i can talk to u in hindi.Sorry i replied after so much time bcoz tommorrow is my maths exam.I hope u understand.

    1. Yes..u can talk to me in Hindi..
      Tomorrow me also have an exam.Social science..

  14. A big sorry to everyone…i cannot post it today..i tried a lot but I couldnt…sorry…
    Tomorrow surely I will post…sorry…..sorry….

  15. Amy i am so much happy dat our exams r over.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Amy i think we should celebrate dat our exams are over.u celebrate at ur home by doing a party .i will celebrate here!!!! And i hope u will post the nxt epi bfore evening.

    1. Iam celebrating it by writing ffs…
      And I had just posted it at 5pm.Because I came after 4pm from my school as today we had celebration in our school..Tomorrow onwards I will post daily.To my dear friend Lovy

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