Love starts from care (YVR) episode 9


Haiii everyone.
Its Amy.
Thankyou so much guys for supporting me…
My decision of stopping the ff is changed.I will not stop the ff soon.Its all because of your love and support..Thanks once again..
So lets go to todays episode.

Episode 9
He:Iam Virat Takur…Call him and say that you are in my custody.
He starts beating her.
Finally she accepts to do..
Survi calls Karthik.
Survi:Hello sir..
Survi:yes sir..(she is crying)
Karthik:Why are you crying survi..what happened?
Survi:Sir iam In Mr virat takur’s custody.
Virat:Enough..balance I itself will say…give
Virat:Ooyyy karthik…come to SGT godown with contract file if you want to see her alive..bye.
He took the contract file and starts going to the godown.
Karthik reached the godown.

Virat comes..
Virat:Survi will come..first give the file.
Karthik gives the file to him.
Virat:Great…oh..i never thought that girl costs this much..if i knew it before I would have selled her to someone.
Karthik gets angry and punched him.
Karthik:If you say one more bad word about her then you will be head.
Virat:You punched me right?
Now see what i can do..
He calls his goons to beat karthik.
They starts fighting.
Karthik beats all of them.Virat fumes in anger seeing karthik beating his goons.
Virat:Oyyyu..karthik,look at this.
Karthik is shocked to see virat holding a knife in survi’s neck.
At this moment,one of the virat’s goon hits karthik’s head with an iron rod.
Blood starts falling from Karthik’s head and he falls down.

Karthik opens his eyes a little hearing her voice.But suddenly he falls unconcious.Virat used chloroform and made survi also unconscious.
After sometime..
Karthik opens his eyes and found survi unconscious.
Karthik went near her and calls:survi…survi..
Survi slowly opens her eyes and gets happy seeing him concious.
Survi:Sorry sir..its all because of me.
Karthik:No there is nothing wrong with you…
Survi notices blood in karthik’s head.So she tear a piece of her dupatta.
Survi then tied it to Karthik’s head.Karthik looks at her confusingly.

Precap:Surthik trying to escape from godown.

So guys how was it..
Next episode will be posted on or before Sunday.
Thanks for reading.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. Really nice dr?

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    1. Thanks dear jannat

  3. AMAZING my dear Amy.

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  4. Where is next episode dr amy…

    1. I have submitted it…It will be posted by Tellyupdates soon.Iam so glad seeing ur support.

    2. I have submitted it…it will be posted by teleupdates soon.Iam so happy that someone is there who is waiting fr my ff.Thanku devil.

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