Love starts from care (YVR) episode 7

Hai friends…
Its Amy..
Guys…iam gonna stop my ff as iam not getting enough comments..Dont feel bad guys…without completing the story I want stop my ff.

Episode 6
Both Karthik and survi reached office.
Karthik:Go and take your bag..i will drop you to your home.
Then Karthik remembered about survi’s wound,so he himself went for taking it.
Karthik comes back after getting the bag.
Karthik:lets go.
Suddenly one bike stops infront of their car.
Karthik:what the..
The person who rides the removes his helmet.It was our Ankit.
Survi:Sir,actually he is my bestfriend Ankit.
Ankit comes near the car.
Survi opens the door.
Survi:Anki,this is my boss.
Survi:Sir thankyou so much for all your helps.
Ankit:Come is worried about you.
Survi:Sir iam leaving.
Karthik didnt say anything.
Survi steps out of the car.

Suddenly she shouts due to the pain.
Karthik:be careful..
Karthik felt little pain in his heart when survi shouts.
Ankit helps her to sit on the bike.He felt concerned for her.
They starts leaving.
Survi turns back and looked at Karthik.Karthik was also looking at her.Suddenly he turns when he found her looking at her.

Anki and survi reached her home.
Survi’s mom:where were you..what happened to your legs.
Survi:Its just an accident..But iam fine now..
Survi’s should take care na..She starts crying.
Ankit:Enough of senti…stop crying ma..And survi,come I will take you to your room.And ma..if your crying is over then please get some water for her.
Ankit is helping survi to walk.Since her room is upstairs.its so difficult. will not be able to climb all these stairs.
Survi:No..i will.
Ankit:one second..please close your eyes.
Survi:But for what?
Ankit:just close.
Survi closed her eyes.
Ankit takes her in his arms and starts walking.
Survi suddenly opens her eyes and said:Anki..what are you doing.
Ankit:sorry Sweetheart…no other option.
Survi:Anki..i will walk.
Ankit:Shut up…otherwise Iam gonna throw you.
Survi :what?
They reached her room.
Ankit throws her in the bed.
Survi:You idiot..
Ankit:Thankyou so much for that ..
Survi:What…you are unbelievable..

Survi’s mother comes.
Ankit takes the glass from her hand.He was about to give it to survi but then he suddenly drinks it.
She was about to beat him but he ran from there.
Ankit:Bye ma…bye sweetheart..
Survi laughs.
Episode ends

Precap:Survi is going to office.Suddenly someone kidnaps her.

So how was it?

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  1. hey how could u even think to stop this ff.plz dont.this ff is awesome.

  2. its a humble request 2 u 2 not 2 stop the ff nd 1 more thing plz publish the date of nxt epi.

    1. Thanks for supporting me yaar…and nxt update will be posted today.

  3. But most probably i will complete the story asap.

  4. Don’t end it so soon.. Please.
    And thanks for updating and keep it longer..
    Trust me people like it.. Just that exams and all are going on.. That’s all 🙂

  5. Amazing story

  6. Fantastic ?

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