Love starts from care (YVR) episode 6

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Recap:The car on which surthik was travelling got break down..They went to a hotel.
Episode 6
survi is lying on the bed.
Suddenly karthik enters the room and closed the door.
Survi gets shocked and she suddenly gets up.
Survi:what the hell are you doing sir?why are you closing the door..
Dont try to take advantage of the situation..Are you not ashamed to do such things?
Karthik got angry hearing it..and he pinned survi to the wall angrily..
He start getting closer to her..
she starts getting afraid..
He is getting more closer to her..Now, she is crying.
He leaves her …

Karthik:If i wanted to take advantage on you..i could have done it long before..
Survi is still crying..
Karthik:These are some medicines and cotton..Dress your wound by it.
survi takes the medicines…and sit on the bed.
Karthik is trying to call someone in his mobile.
Survi is unable to dress the would properly..
Karthik:what the range..
Karthik notices survi..trying hard to dress her wound.
He goes near to her and said:Give..i will help.
Survi :no sir,i will do..
Karthik takes the medicines from survi and he sits on the bed.He then keep survi’s legs on his lap and he started dressing the wound.
Survi:aaa…its paining..
Karthik:oh…iam sorry.
Karthik continue doing…and survi smiles looking at him.
Survi in her mind:He is very caring…but khadoos too.
Survi’s house
Survi’s mom:Why survi is not coming…Ankit..?
Ankit:I don’t know ma..Actually she went with boss for a meeting..but by now she should be there..And also her phone is switch off.
Ankit:maa..i will go and check in the office..
He leaves on his bike.
karthik is talking to someone in his phone..
After the call..
Karthik:Survi…come..our car is ready now..

He then remembers about her wound and he lifts her.
She is looking constantly at him.
Karthik made survi sit in the car.
Later they start leaving..
In the car.
Survi is thinking he saved her from those boys…how he dressed her wound…and all.
Episode ends..

Precap:Survi and Ankit are going on bike..Survi turns back to see Karthik..She finds him looking at her..

So guys…how is the episode?

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