Love starts from care (YVR) episode 5

Hii friends… I think my ff is little bore…If you guys feel something like that, please do inform me..
Recap:The car on which surthik was travelling break down.They start walking to find a hotel.Survi is shivering due to the cold atmosphere.

Episode 5
Karthik notices survi shivering … He removes his coat and gives it to her.She is little shocked to see that but still she took the coat and is wearing it as she has no other option. Now,they are walking through the road..A car is coming and Karthik raised his hand for a lift.But he found the car full of he asked them about the nearby hotel. One boy:we know…we will drop you both.. another boy looking at survi:come… Karthik notices this and asked them to go.But one of them came out of the car and is trying to take survi forcefully to the car. Now..karthik lost his control and is beating him so hard.Other boys also came out of the car..karthik is fighting with them.In between a boy is trying to take survi to car.Suddenly survi’s leg hit the car and she fell down.Because of Karthik’s beat..all the boys get into the car and went from there. survi is crying by sitting down Survi is trying hard to stand…but she couldnt. Karthik is looking at her …She is still trying.. Karthik is going to her..He suddenly took her in his arms which made her shocked.He is not having any expression in his face.. Now he is walking by carrying her. 30 minutes over…finally they found a hotel..He was still carrying her. Karthik:we need two rooms.. Guy:sorry..sir.No room is vacant.If you want we can adjust one room. Karthik:then give the key . The guy thought something else by seeing karthik carrying her. As karthik was carrying survi , survi bought the keys.They reached the room.survi opened the room.karthik found a bed he made survi lie on the bed.. Karthik:take rest.. Karthik leaves from there. Survi is amazed by his behaviour. Survi :he is not so bad as i thought… Precap :karthik enters the room and locked the door…Survi is shocked to see that.

Guys…how was the episode.. Hope you liked it.. Iam waiting for your feedbacks.

Credit to: Amy Jake


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