Love starts from care (YVR) episode 4

Hai friends.Sorry for not updating these many days.Anyway today’s episode will have a lot of surthik scenes.
Precap:survi got appointed as Karthik’s PA.Ankit is also in same office.
Episode 4
Survi:sir,i will not be able to stay late nights.
karthik:i don’t like anyone saying no to be ready.otherwise you will be fired.
karthik leaves from there.
survi is standing tensed.
Ankit comes.

Ankit:What happened survi.
Survi:That khadoos want me to go for late night meetings.
Ankit:My survi will never backout from anything.So don’t worry and be strong.
At 11am
karthik:come fast…
Survi:iam coming ..
They both left in Karthik ‘s car.
Karthik:show the presentation.
Survi:sir,here is it..
Karthik:what the hell is it..whether this is a presentation.
survi:what’s wrong in it.
karthik:what’s wrong…?There is no standard in the presentation.
Anyway ,there is only 30minutes more .I need to see the presentation within that time.You got it.
karthik showed the new presentation made by survi in the meeting and all the officers liked it and were ready for investing for the project.Survi is very happy now.
They both are coming back from the meeting.Karthik is not saying anything to survi.
Survi:sir,what do you felt about the presentation?
Karthik:better than first one..
They reached the office and kathik leaves from the car.Survi is little sad because of karthik’s words,but acts to be fine.
Ankit:survi,how was the presentation?

she leaves from there to karthik’s cabin.
survi:why you are always angry at me.
karthik leaves from there.She is crying.
At 7pm
They both are going for meeting
They reached there at 7:45 and meeting completed at 9:45.
There are travelling in the car.Suddenly the car got punchered.
Karthik to himself:what the hell..oh..there is no steppini.what to do now.Let me call range.
survi is tensed hearing him .
Survi:what to do now sir.
Karthik:lets check for any hotels.They starts walking.Its little forested area.Its so cold there.Survi is shivering because of the cold atmosphere.

Precap:karthik,making survi wear his coat.

Hope you liked today’s episode.
iam waiting for your feedbacks.

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  1. Nice. Loved Surthik scenes 🙂

    1. Thanks yaar..

  2. When u will update nxt episode?plz.

    1. Thursday or Wednesday.thnx for ur comment .

  3. It is so good…. like it… bt plzz make episode more longer… i started with so much excitement bt it end in approx one min… so plzz make it longer… otherwise it is awsum. ….

  4. Very nice…but pls a bit more longer pls…….


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