Love starts from care (YVR) episode 2


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Recap: Survi got appointed in KBK company.Survi is angry at Ankit for not attending her calls.And Ankit is trying to convince her.
Survi’s room
Survi:Leave my hand
Ankit : Please forgive me my sweetheart ..
Now Ankit left her hand and is standing sadly.
Survi(,by hugging Ankit) : Congrats my dear..
Ankit too hugged her.
Ankit:Thank you my sweetheart.
Maa came
Maa:Give me too a hug.
Anki and Survi together hugs maa.
Barve mansion
Someone is shouting…He is in an official look..He looks so hot and handsome..He is none other than our Karthik.
Karthik : You are fired.
Servant :but sir….pls
Karthik :fired means fired…get lost.
Karthik is walking down from stairs.
Karthik :Tai…taai….
Taai: Haan..karthik,iam here.
Taai:Today also you are looking so dashing my boy..

Karthik : Do you had your breakfast ?
Taai:No,i was waiting for you.
Karthik :Then come let’s have..
They both are having their breakfast..
Taai:Your new PA will come from tomorrow.
Karthik :fine.what’s his name.
Tai:not his ,her.Its a girl.
Karthik :what….?
Episode ends.

Precap : One girl entering Karthik’s office.Karthik asking her to get out for not asking permission.

So guys how was the episode ?
Iam waiting for your feedbacks.

Credit to: Amy Jakes

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  1. Guys,this is my ff for sunday..
    Next one will be on thursday..
    If iam free,I will try to post some other days too.

    1. today is friday even thought u have not update the nest story.
      pls update it as soon as possible.

  2. nice superb thanx and egerly waiting for next episode

    1. Thanks..

  3. Great!I hope the pa is survi. Thnx for the episodes!?

    1. Thanks..

  4. its too short

    1. Thanks..

  5. agar serial me kartik survi ka punarjanam dikhya na to aapki survi bilkul sahi hai unki nahi kahani ke liye all the best keep it up

    1. Thanks for your support..

  6. iam waiting for next episode..

    1. Next episode will be posted soon..

  7. nice….but its very small yar…

    1. Thanks dear..

  8. Awesum Amy Jake it’s very nice pls continue its goin great and nice.Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for your support ..

  9. Awesome yaar..eagerly waiting for next episode

  10. Thanks..

  11. Awesome episode plz next episode jaldii post karden

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