Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 14


Hai.. Its your Amy.. Thanks Lovy, Fatarajo, Jannat, tejaswi, Karvi, naina and Samaya for your comments @ Evening Survi is going back to house with Ankit. Survi:one minute..stop the bike.stopp.. Ankit:Oh..i will stop.Why are you shouting.? Survi:I want ice cream. Ankit:What?? Survi:please..(makes a cute face) Ankit smiles looking at her and said:Hmm..done. They both are having ice cream.Survi is enjoying having it and Ankit is enjoying looking at her. Survi gets a call. Mom:Survi,please come home fastly.
Survi:What happened ma..?
Mom:I will say…you first come here. We can feel some tension from her sound.
Survi:Okay ma…we are coming. She cuts the call.
Survi:Anki…come lets go home.Something is wrong. Ankit:What happened?
Survi:Come fast..i also dont know. They leaves to home.

@ home the door.
The door gets opened. Survi:Papa??? She hugs him. Papa:Are Ankit are you?? Ankit too hugs him and said: Im fine papa..
Survi:Why dont you said me earlier that you will come today..i will not talk to you.
Papa:Simi asked me not to inform you.
Survi:Simi..where is she?
Simi:Iam here.
Ankit turns to see her. He is mesmerised to see her.
Ankit thinks”What …i don’t believe my does she became this much beautiful..”
Simi hugs survi.
Survi :You changed a lot..You looks like a beautiful princess.
Simi:But you didn’t change at all…you are that same cute and bubbly one…
Survi:Then what about Ankit?
Simi looks at Ankit.A small eyelock. looks gorgeous.. Survi:Really..??(in a taunting manner) Survi winks at him. Ankit looks at Survi angrily.
Simi:Thanks ..
Mom:So now no one want me..right?? Survi,Ankit,Simi:Ofcourse…we all need you.They altogether hugs..

@ Night
Survi is thinking about karthik..morning incident…she smiles.
Ankit is thinking about survi…ice cream scene..then he suddenly remember about the moment he met simi…Their past.. Simi is standing near the window and is thinking about Ankit and her past moments.She looks little emotional..
Karthik is thinking about survi..the lift incident..

Next day morning
Survi switch on the TV and puts the news channel..
Karthik along with Tai is also watching News.
Survi,Karthik and Tai are damn shocked to see the news. Precap:Survi’s dad slaps her.
What was in the news..why did he slap her..keep reading for knowing it.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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