Love Starts From Care…(YVR)…Episode 13


Its me Amy.
Thankyou so much Lovy,Karvi and K for your comments.

Episode 13
At office
Karthik and survi are waiting for the lift.
In the lift
Survi:Sorry sir..
Karthik:Its okay..but dont ever do such type of foolish things.
Karthik notices his finger’s marks in survi’s cheeks.He felt very bad seeing it.
He went near to her.She was little shocked to see that.Now there is only very little space between them.

Suddenly the lift gets stuck and both survi and Karthik fell down.
Now Karthik is on the top of survi.
Both are sharing a deep eyelock.
Karthik leans towards her.Survi slowly closes her eyes.Karthik slowly touches her cheeks with his fingers.
They both compose themselves and stand.
Suddenly the light goes off.
Survi gets very scared and hugs Karthik.
Karthik:What happened survi..
He hugs her back.
Survi:Sir,iam very scared of darkness.
Karthik:Dont worry,iam here na..
Suddenly survi gets unconcious.
Karthik:Survi…wake up..survi..
Karthik:Oh god,what will I do now.
He decided to give CPR to her.

He is giving mouth to mouth respiration to her.
Aftersometime she gets little concious.
Karthik:Survi..dont worry everything will be already.Tears starts falling from his eyes.
He starts hitting the door.
Staffs gather outside and they pushed and opened the door.
Karthik takes survi in his arms and made her sit in a seat.
He pour some water on her face.
Survi slowly opens her eyes.
Karthik:Are you okay survi?
Survi:Yes sir..iam fine and thankyou.
Karthik:Its okay.

One of the staffs smile devilishly.
Staff in his mind:Now it will be very much of fun..You are gone Mr Karthik…
Tomorrow the smile which you are having in your face right now is gonna fade.Be ready.He smiles .

Precap:Both survi and Karthik are shocked to see something.

Sorry for short post.
After my exams I will post long ones.Sorry.
Next episode will be posted on or before Thursday.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. awesome episodes please post next episode soon

    1. Thankyou so much naina??

      1. nice i m excited to watch next episode

      2. teju..just now..maine likh diya aur submit bhi kiya..?

    2. Thankyou teju??

      1. thanx mat kaho agala episode jaldi likho

  2. Awesome epi u r really a good writer.keep it up. by the way when will your exams end

    1. Thankyou so much karvi.My exams will end on 22nd.??

  3. awesome epi. u are a brilliant writer. by the way when your exams will end

  4. Surthik scenes were really good keep up the good work amy/Abhi đŸ™‚

    1. Thankyou so much Fatarajo…You can call me Abhi..??

  5. Superb abhi. I am watching other serials also. On zee tv except ETRETR i watch every serial. On star plus i watch Mere angne mei,YHM,DABH,YRKKH, Tamanna nd from today itself Dehleez. ON sab tv TMKUC. You would b thinking how much serial i m watching.

    1. Itna serialsss….
      Dehleez is awesome na..i loved it very much..?

  6. Hey just check YVR on đŸ™‚ Rocking nd Shocking news.

    1. Oh…tai is gonna be exposed..
      Surthik to leave house..
      New entries..
      Nice information..thanks dear??

  7. Good going. …..

    1. Thankyou Jannat ??

  8. awesome episode..

    1. Thankyou dear ??

  9. Hey Abhi I saw your comments in dehleez and ek duje ke baste page
    What shows do u watch yaar?

    1. Dehleez,Ek duje ke vaaste,swaragini ffs,YVR,krishndasi,siya ke ram,kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi,tashn e ishq.

  10. I watch Ishq ka rang Safed, tashan- e-Ishq, Bahu hamari rajni_kant, Yeh Vaada Raha, Ek duje ke vaaste, Thapki Pyaar ki/Kaala Teeka, kasam, dehlaaz, naagin
    I watch these shows sometimes nowadays I watch less serials due to Asia cup and world cup (cricket) that’s why I read updates more frequently now

  11. Hey i m too watching naagin.its just awesome.u know amy y i m not giving any info on yvr te.upd. bcoz there nobody is considering or even replying.

    1. Now only i came after my exams..
      And Yes yaar..YVR Tellyupdate is little boring..
      Can you comment on Dehleez Tellyupdate?There we can talk each other and make many friends…
      What you say??

  12. Of course!Why not.

    1. From todays episode start commenting on dehleez…iam already commenting there..
      And one more iam gonna submit next part of my ff..

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