Love starts from care (YVR) episode 12


Hii everyone..
Its Amy.

Episode 12
Ankit came back into his senses.
Ankit pushes Survi and stands. were trying to take advantage of me..huh?
She starts beating him with pillows.
Her phone rings.Its her father.She is gets happy hearing something.She cuts the call.
Survi:Ankit,Sumi is also coming with papa.
Ankit:What hmm..

Survi:Now also do you love her.?
(Actually Ankit loved sumi when they all were in school .Sumi also knew it). at all…that was just a childish crush.
Survi:Oh really..
Survi starts teasing him.He beats her with pillows.She also.They both keep fighting each other.

@ Morning
Ankit enters survi’s room.
Survi is sleeping.
Ankit is looking her lovingly.
Suddenly the alarm rings.
Survi wakes up.
Survi:Morning itself you came..
Ankit:For coming i didn’t went anywhere.Yesterday,i was here.I didn’t go.
Survi:Then i will go to office by auto.You go home,get ready and come directly to office.
Ankit:Okay !!then bye..
Survi is going to office in auto.

At signal,she found the same people who kidnapped her yesterday.
Survi:Its them..right?Sir lost the contract only because of me.I will definitely get the contract back from them today.
Green signal.
Survi:Bhaiyya..pls follow that car.
The car stops beside the road.And everyone inside the car leaves.
She starts going towards them and hide behind the car.She found the files inside the car.
She is about to tale the files.But someone holds her hand.
Its one of the goons.He is about to slap her but someone holds his hand.Its our hero karthik.
All goons also came.Karthik starts beating all of them.By that time survi took the files.All the goons ran away.
Survi smiles and said to karthik:Sir, here is the contract files.
Karthik gives a tight slap to her.His five fingers are printed on her cheeks.She holds her cheek shockingly.

Karthik:Don’t even open your mouth.Who said you to follow them.
Karthik:File..file..file..Whats there in this file this much.Its just a contract.
By saying this he throws the file.
Survi:But sir..
Karthik:If something happened to you then..
He holds her hand and takes her to the car.
They starts going to office.

karthik switch on the radio.
Na kuch poocha…Na kuch manga.
Tune diya jo diya song plays.
Both are looking at each other.
They reached office.
Episode ends.

Precap:Surthik gets trapped in lift.

So guys for short one.
I will post next episode on or before Tuesday.

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Baby its too short episode.Anyway its awesome.

  2. Oh! not baby .i m younger than u.

      You can call me Abhi..
      My friends call me like that..
      Tomorrow I will post next episode.

  3. Hey amy .what’s ur real name? which religion do u belong.

    1. Abhirami-my real name..your???

  4. Yeeeeeeeee! tommorrow itself u will post nxt episode.

    1. I really wanna say that you are my bestie in tellyupdates site..????

  5. nice epi .plzz make them realize their love .

    1. Karvi…i will do it very soon…

  6. nice epi plzz make surthik realize their love

  7. you too my bestie on telly name is LEESHA .I am also hindu.

    1. Leesha..nice name

  8. you too my bestie on telly name is LEESHA .I am also hindu. I wonder from where u got such creative ideas.

    1. Thanks fr the compliment dear

  9. abhirami are u a fan of amy jackson

    1. I just like her..but not a fan of her..

  10. Do u got the name amy jake from amy jackson

    1. No no…Amy is my pet name and i like twilight’s jake very much.So both together Amy Jake???

  11. Once again you’ve wowed me with your episode..loved it ! 🙂
    If you can please add some more romance..that’s what it’s missing.. ( sorry if I’ve upset you..)

    1. Thankyou so much K…U didn’t make me upset at all..In fact iam happy that you are giving some suggestions…Surely i will add more romance between them..??

  12. Actually amy i am only all the L’s(Lawren……….Love)

    1. I felt it…??
      And lovy are you watching any other serials,..

  13. I have submitted the nxt episode ??

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