Love starts from care (YVR) episode 10


Its me your Amy..
My dear devil,jannat and lovy.Thank you so much for your comment.If any of you are having exams in the coming days,ALL THE VERY BEST.And as you know its the tenth episode of my ff.And next episode will posted on or before Wednesday because i have my maths exam on Tuesday.Sorry for blabbering.Lets go to today’s episode.

Episode 10
Both survi and karthik are lost in each other’s eyes.After sometime they came back into their senses.
Both surthik are trying to open the door.Both they understood that its impossible.Now they are searching for some other ways to go out.
Survi:here is a way…
She is pointing towards a small window.Actually it was covered with some grasses but she removed it and found the window.
Karthik looks out through the window and found no one there.
Karthik:Survi,first you go after that I will.
As the window is placed in a height,survi was not able to get into it.She is still trying.Karthik notices it.
Karthik suddenly holds her waist and pushed her up.Survi was little shocked.She gets out of the room through the window.Karthik also came out.

There are two goons standing out.
Karthik took a stone and through it inside the room.The goons heard the noise and get into the room for checking.Karthik runs towards the room and locked it from outside.Survi is standing there like a dump without understanding anything.Karthik then holds Survi’s hands and ran to the car.They starts leaving.
In the car

Survi:Sorry sir.
Karthik:For what
Survi:Because of me you lose the contract na.
Karthik:For me,you are more important than anything else.
Karthik realised what he said seeing survi’s shocked face.
Both are feeling little embarassed.
Both are not even looking to each other.
Karthik was about to switch on the AC but accidentally he switch on the radio.Soch na sake song plays.
Tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi sans aake rukhe
Mein tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake…
Both are looking at each other.They reached the office.
Episode ends.

Precap:Karthik’s care towards survi starts.

Thanks for reading…
Next episode will be posted on or before Thursday.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. The track is quite interesting bt effort that u put behind it is outstanding …. its ur exam time n still u r updating … thnk u for tht….
    n best of luck for exam….
    may god bless u…..

    1. Jannat…thank you very much for encouraging me.

  2. Hey nice Amy and do u write other ff too

    1. Thankyou yaar..And ya iam writing some ffs on swaragini too.
      An invisible feeling called love by Amy Jake
      Its always you by Neena.
      You belong with me by Princess.
      These all are my ffs.

  3. GOOD Amy.i m upset bcoz my exams r going on.

    1. Hmmm..mine too.But don’t get too tensed about exams.All the best.And thank you so much for reading,

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