Love starts from care (YVR) episode 1

Hai guys…
Thanks for all your supports .
As you know this is the first episode of my fanfic,so forgive me for the grammatical mistakes.
Episode 1
A girl:Maa…. i got appointed as the PA of the CEO in KBK corporations.
Now the girl’s face is shown ..she has a cute smile on her face..her eyes are filled with happiness..she is looking very beautiful..and she is none other than our survi..
Suchitra:Its so great news.whether you informed dad?
Survi :No,now only i got the appointment letter.Where is dad?
Suchitra:He went to temple.
Survi: when he comes i will inform him.
Suchitra:Then what about Ankit?he also attended the interview know…
Whether he got appointed ?
Survi:I don’t know ma.Iam trying to call him for a long time,but he is not picking the phone.
someone is knocking the door.
Survi opens the door

Suddenly one boy put laddoo in her mouth.
Boy:This laddoo is for my sweetheart.Because i know that you got appointed .Have this laddoo too.Whether my princess know for what this laddoo is?
Survi (without any interest): May be you too got appointed.
Ankit:why are not happy for me?
Survi (angrily):no,why should i?
Ankit:Maa,i think its so hot here as someone is very angry..
Suchitra:iam going to kitchen,you itself convince her somehow.
Survi is walking to her room.Ankit is thinking how to convince her as he didn’t attend any of her calls.Suddenly he get an idea and is running behind her.
Survi get into the room and is about to close the door.
Ankit: Sweetheart don’t close the door
He push the door and she lose the grip and he enter inside.
Survi(sitting on bed):Anki,get out from my room.
Ankït also is sitting on the bed.But now survi is going from the room.Anki will hold her hand softly.
Survi:i dont want to see you..Leave my hand.
Episode ends.

Precap :A hot and handsome business man
is shown shouting at someone.

Hope you guys liked my ff.
Iam waiting for your feedbacks..

Credit to: Amy Jakes


  1. Amy Jake

    Don’t worry’s just 1st episode..
    surthik scenes are on the way…
    Now iam focussing on Anvi bonding ..Hope you liked Ankit also..pls dont compare him with the anki of real serial.
    Thanks for your support …

  2. shree

    Nice starting
    But I hoe u r not going to make Anki and Survi pair…
    I think the business man to be Karthik . Am I right?

  3. Amy Jake

    Miloni suggested me to update my ff on Saturdays,sundays and Mondays.Do all are fine with these days.?Reply asap..

  4. Amy Jake

    Pls guys ,reply about the days of updating before 11:30.
    Now ,i got only 2 suggestion.

    1. Saturday,Sunday and Monday
    2.Saturday,Tuesday and Thursday.

  5. Amy Jake

    I think i will be comfortable to update on Saturdays,tuesdays and sundays..
    Whether it is fine for all of you.?
    It is neutral from both the options.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.