Love starts with care (yeh vaada raha)(introduction )


Hai friends…Iam a big fan of yeh vaada raha.So i wish to write a fanfic on it.But it is entirely different from real serial.Hope you all will enjoy my ff.

Karthik :Hot,handsome business man who is very harsh in his behaviour.
Ankit:He is very cute and handsome.He is being loved by everyone because of his charming and caring nature .
Survi: She is very cute and lovely like ankit.Survi and Ankit are like best friends.
Simi: she has calm and quite nature.she is very traditional type.Simi and survi are friends.
In my ff karthi and anki are not brothers.They dont know each other.
Survi’s parents are srikanth and suchitra.
Ankit’s parents are divorced and are living separately.
Simi’s parents are shyam and leela.
Karthik ‘s parents were dead when he was three years old.He is living with his tai who is very cute and charming entirely different from the real serial.
That’s all about the introduction.

Guys what do you say about the introduction.
My next update will be on friday or saturday as i will be busy with my exams tomorrow.

Credit to: Amy Jakes

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  1. hey dear nice intro and the best part tai is not negative , thanks dear.

  2. Hey guys is the intro…whether u people liked it.

  3. Very nice

  4. There is karthik and survi na…..plss make them pair….

  5. Love it,great ,wonderful & nice intro.
    Eagerly waiting for more

  6. Thanks guys.

  7. Nice introduction. I m happy to see finally someone who is writing a ff on Yeh Vada Raha. Wow tai is positive happy to know 🙂

  8. Very nice beginning!! Go ahead

  9. It’ s a reallY good one…..Nice intro

  10. It’ s a reallY good one…..Nice intro
    ♥:-) This should be different please
    Tai should not b like this original one

    1. Thanks

    2. Tai is positive..and i promise you that it will be different..

  11. josphine muthoni

    you are the best
    a good start
    keep up

  12. Thank you so much for your supports..

  13. Thank you so much..

  14. Nice introduction.

    1. Thanks..

  15. Wow!!!A ff on yvr. Really great job. Pls continue. And pls pair survived and kartik.
    I was eagerly waiting for a ff on yvr ?☺

    1. Thanks

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