Love starts in Airlines (swasan, raglak , asya , Arshi ) (plot and your suggestions )

Hey guyz … actually before starting I wanted to give a small promo regarding the plot……

I want to know whether you like the plot or not so that I can proceed

and guyz I can update this ff only on Tuesday and Thursday because I’m writing another ff too ….

so let’s go to the promo and I’ve say how are the couples related to each other …….

Arnav a arrogant pilot has a dark past related with air hostess lavanyaa kashyap (I’ve reveal it afterwards ) so he wants to take revenge from her …..

Khushi is also working as a pilot in the same airlines and she’s lavanyaa ‘ s best friend …. She’s suspicious about arnav so she tries to keep lavanyaa away from him …. Both arnav and khushi fight always ………

Zoya farooqui is also going to work as air hostess in the same airlines. … first she worked in another airlines. .. and now she joined this airlines. …….she is in search of her father …. one day her sister plans her to get married but she elopes on the day of marriage and she collides with Asad Ahmed Khan …… Asad is irritated with her antics but yet he likes her .. Asad calls her miss. farooqui or sometimes batameez. ….

Asad Ahmed Khan is a strict but yet good pilot … his best friend is sanskar maheshwari (who’s also a pilot in the same airlines )…. he very perfect in all ways and traditional too ….. he hates his dad rashid Ahmed Khan (who’s also his senior pilot same airlines ) due to a reason …. he loves his sister and mom and younger bro Ayan (he’s also a pilot in the same airlines :P) a lot …….. In airforce his pen names are :


ragini gadodia is ready for first flight as a co pilot ….. first flight is with senior pilot rashid Ahmed khan ….. There laksh maheshwari (co pilot in the same airlines) flirts with ragini but she finds him weird ….. laksh and ragini have many nok jhok in flight. ..

Swara and sanskar are very good friends ……. sanskar has crush on swara but he refuse to accept it ……. laksh to comes to know about sanky and always kid him about saying swara …..

Both swara and ragini don’t know that they are sisters and arnav is Ragini ‘ s cousin in my ff ……

daily everyone will have different experience and will meet new people in their life …….

Arnav ‘ s mamu is the owner of this airlines ……

After sometime ……. everyone who’s working in this airline will be on a holiday for a month as freshers will be coming and working ……

Zoya will go to bhopal in search of her dad ….. so Anwar (her jiju) will help her to find her father …. so he will call Dilshad (Asad’s mom and Anwar ‘ s mom’s childhood friend) and will ask her to let zoya stay in her house …… so Asad’s mom too agrees …. so zoya will be staying in Asad’s house 😛


so guyz hope you all liked it and plz say if you liked it or not then only I can proceed …… plz plz leave your comments and guyz if you want me to add any other couples u like you can say and I’ve definitely add them …

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    I like Ragsan better aha…. But I have never liked swasan much!!! Anyways I can’t wait for the first episode, also I will post beintehha and qubool hai soon, you and rehaan (namish tanjea) will rock it aha, love you.


  2. saya

    hey sunehri… it’s really nice and by managing so many couples at a time, you’re really doing a great job.

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