Love starts in Airlines (swasan, raglak , asya , Arshi ) (introduction)

Hey guyz .. hope you all know me ….

I’m sunehri and yeah I gave a intro for a ff named “swasan and raglak – when love is eternal even God bends his rules ”

but I didn’t get any ideas for it so I thought of starting that afterwards. …

but now gonna start a new ff named

Love starts in Airlines (swasan, raglak , asya , Arshi )

and they all will be working in a Airlines named IAN airlines

and here are the characters :

Captains of the airline :

Asad Ahmed Khan : hansome hunk and perfect pilot, doesn’t like if anyone mess up the flight and he gets angry if anyone get distracted when he’s giving instructions. ………. he sometimes get irritated with one of the air hostess named Zoya Farooqui as he feels her attitude is irritating and she calls him JAHANPANASIXPACKS πŸ˜›

Sanskar maheshwari : charming and handsome pilot. ……. he follows Asad’s command and he’s one of Asad’s favourite pilot and good friend …. sometimes asad scolds him when he mess up while they are working … well mannered … he’s commonly known as SANKY. … has crush on one of the air hostess named swara. ….

Rashid Ahmed Khan : senior pilot … Asad’s boss …. and his dad too …. Asad hates him a lot due to a reason …..

Arnav singh raizada : arrogant pilot. …… he has a close bonding only with his sister … he has a dark past …. he always fights with his co pilot khushi ….. and he wants to take revenge from air hostess lavanyaa kashyap by tricking her to fall for him but he falls for khushi. … everyone calls him ASR …

Co pilots :

Ragini gadodia : very beautiful girl ….she has newly joined as a pilot in this airline. …….. and she’s ready for her first flight …..

Ayan Ahmed khan : Asad’s younger bro ….. loves his pilot job a lot … he says shayari to irritate asad ….. he’s also a flirt …. he loves a girl named humeira. …

Laksh maheshwari : Heart Robber of all girls …. sanskar ‘ s younger brother … completely opposite to him …. he’s a flirt …. he always get scolding from asad and rashid. …. he too behaves well with others ….. commonly knows as LUCKY. …

Khushi kumar gupta : a bubbly stylish girl ….. often starts fighting with arnav …. best friend of lavanyaa. . and she comes to know that arnav wants to destroy lavanyaa ‘ s life so khushi keeps lavanyaa away from him …. she calls arnav LAAD GOVERNOR πŸ˜›

Air hostess :

Zoya farooqui : a pretty charming girl … loves to eat pizza, says shayaris too ….. She’s also on a mission to find her father … she then collides with Asad and then their fight starts ….. All passengers favourite

Humeira siddiqui : ayan’s girlfriend. .. beautiful girl … behaves well with the passengers ….

Lavanyaa Kashyap : khushi’s best friend … falls in love with ASR … sometimes she shows her bad attitude towards passengers ….

Swara Bose : Ragini ‘ s elder sis … bengali girl … she mixes well with everyone mainly with sanskar . … She’s very close and she shares everything with sanskar ……


so guyz hope you all liked the promo …..

so please please please read and everyone must comment πŸ™‚

thank you

sunehri mehta (sunuzurah besties forever )

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  1. aww dr what a intro loved it yaar plz continue dear waiting for 1epi u nailed all the characters dr lved the tittle dr love u loads πŸ˜‰ :-*

    1. Thanks heena

  2. Sonali jhadav

    Wow sunehri I liked the intro a lot waiting for the 1st episode and when will you update your sahil fan fiction? Update it as soon as possible

    1. Thanks sonali

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sunehri love ur intro n u added all my favraite couples to wait for ur episode

    1. Thanks priya

    1. Thanks me ena

  4. Wow sun awesome! Start

    1. Thanks Sarah

  5. Zuha (SuNusZuRah??)

    Ohhh….I just loved it ….And I don’t have any idea about Arshi but the other 3 couples are my favourite ?? And today was my result I got 82.97% so rounded to 83% and I got highest % in english out of all 5 sections 92.56% And it is all because of my lovely friend’s prayers☺

      1. Thanks dear??

      2. Zuha (SuNusZuRah??)

        I am sorry , actually I was using my friend’s phone and by mistake…she is staying at my place that’s why…by the way thanks once again dear?

      3. That’s indeed a gr8 news

      4. It’s ok zuha

      5. Sometimes it happens

    1. Thanks zuha

  6. OMG this is so interesting and I ha a feeling this was written by one of my sis and that sis is u Su. Wow I m so excited for this ff can’t wait please update soon because I m in love with this ff already somemore te concept is so interesting

    1. Thanks fatarajo apa

  7. Hey after a long time I read your sahil fan fiction too ….

    It’s marvellous

    And coming to the intro

    All my favourite swasan raglak arshi asya just love them

    Can you please add abhigya too please

    1. Thanks nisha

  8. Ramya hariprasad

    Sorry for nat commenting in your episode because sometimes they are not posting too and this introduction is very good

    1. Thanks ramya

  9. Amazing update sunehri you please update sanam aahil ff too please I beg you

    1. Thanks kashish

  10. Interesting intro and plz continue dear

    1. Thanks ammu

  11. awesome…… concept…

    1. Thanks soujanya

  12. Awsm into…cant wait for 1st epi……when u r updating sahil ff……

    1. Thanks kriya

  13. U always rock my dear friend and this is a new concept too …. and yeah please update your sahil ff too I’m waiting for it

    1. Thanks gauhar

  14. So sorry for not commenting for many days and you know how busy am I and yeah nice concept and add abhigya too please

    1. Thanks gulrez

  15. Nice introduction

    1. Thanks zavera

  16. New ff .. gr8 going and all ate my favourite couples update Your ff’s soon dear

    1. Thanks harshali

  17. Awsm into…plz update 1epi…

    1. Thanks yaz

  18. Fiza (asad and zoya fan)

    Sunehri! !!!!!! I’m glad that you are writing asya ff update your both ff can’t wait

    1. Thanks fiza

  19. Drashti thapar

    Hey babe started new ff !!! Tumne mujhe nahi bataya? ???? Thank god I found it and excellent promo and waiting for the 1 episode

    1. Thanks drashti

  20. Hey do u remember me ? Once I use to comment in your another ff .. I do read now and I’ve comment too by the way good introduction add Tanshi from kasam too plz

    1. Yeah I do sufiya but if u can comment regularly πŸ™‚ anyways thanks

  21. Hey sunehri. Really nice introduction and looking forward to the first episode. I really liked this ??

    1. Thanks saya

  22. Wowww baee!!! Watt a mindblowing intro???im surely lukin forward 2 read dis??take care??

    1. Thanks sanjana πŸ™‚

  23. AWsome intro …waiting for d 1 episode

    1. Thanks niku

  24. Sathya (sweety)

    How are you !!!! Now only saw the introduction and it’s awesome

    1. Thanks sathya

  25. Shubhangi Patel

    Nice update your 1 episode and add one more couple

    1. Thanks shubhangi

  26. Awesome

    1. Thanks wazira

  27. Good one sunehri darling update sahil ff 20th episode ASAP

    1. Thanks ayesha

  28. Super can’t wait for the episode

    1. Thanks cady

  29. wow please post asap we can’t wait

    1. Thanks dasha

  30. Superb suneri loved the intro a lot looking fwd 4 the first epi

    1. Thanks ruhani

  31. Awesome Sunehri, can’t wait, it’s very different and unique… I know I’m going to love it…

    1. Thanks halima

  32. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    Hey Sunehri, I am so late!!! But I want to say this intro is amazing!
    and thanks to god I met my new sister!!!
    One day SuNusZuRah will meet that’s my promise
    Love you!! and can’t wait for the next episode!!!
    Also keep smiling my baby :))


    1. Oh dear I too wish the same and I will happen πŸ™‚ love u

    2. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      I hope it comes true???

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