Love starts in Airlines (swasan, raglak , asya , Arshi ) (episode 1)


Hey friends … Now I’m back ….. And today you are going to read my first episode of this ff ……

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And now let’s start .. Flight is ready to take off !!! Enjoy the episode ….

Scene 1:
Inside and outside the Airport

Mumbai airport is shown ……… IAN airlines flights and many people are shown walking in the airport and some people are shown boarding the flight and some are shown eating in cafeteria…….

Then a person who’s a pilot of that airlines enters the airport ……. He’s Asad Ahmed Khan ……

Meantime Laksh maheshwari too enters the airport as a passenger and gets boarding pass to travel to Kolkata the same airline but flight no. IAN – 126 ……….

Laksh : (smiles seeing his watch) for the first time !!!! I came here before the meeting starts …… But now I’m so hungry …. Cafeteria ……

He goes inside cafeteria and there he sees a girl in the cafeteria and smiles ……..

That girl is wearing is wearing a classic black trench coat …..

Laksh : (to himself) wooh … What a girl ???…. I’ve better try my luck on her after all I’m lucky ???

She’s standing in the counter to get her order ……..

He goes near counter and stands beside her and tries to flirt …..

Guy who is in counter : (to the girl) mam here’s your coffee … Do u want me to add sugar …

Girl : 1 teaspoon plz …. She gets the coffee and drinks ….

Laksh : (leaning on the counter table and to girl and starts flirting) One teaspoon sugar …

Girl sees him …. She finishes drinking coffee …

Laksh : even its my habit …….. We have similar Taste …… Have me met before ??? (Gives a wide smiles) I guess yeah we would have met before right !!!!!(thinks) I guess she will also say yes like other girls too … That’s why everyone calls lucky ….

Girl : (sees him and smiles) No … We haven’t met each other before …….

She starts leaving and Laksh smile faded out and is surprised by her answer ….

Laksh : (in his mind) what the hell !!!! For the first time a girl ignored me !!! Ingnored Laksh maheshwari !!!!

Goes behind that girl and stops …..

Laksh : hey stop ….. (Says fast) u know I’m damn sure that we have met already and if I see someone I won’t forget their face … U know (gives a funny wide smile)

Girl : (turns around and sees him) correct !!!!! Even I’m very sure … That we haven’t met before ………because if we would have met before … Definitely u won’t be in list of people whom I want to meet again ………..

Laksh gives a confused look …..

She starts going ……

Laksh : …… U know what ….. U did my garbage ….

Girl : huh ?????

Laksh : I mean … No girl has ignored me … This is the first time … Like I wanted to try my luck on u but u seriously …. That’s too much and u have too much attitude ….. Too much attitude is not at all good for health …

Girl : oh thank u and thank u very much for your free advice …… And by the way u just remember my name ……

Laksh smirks ..

Girl : Ragini gadodia ..

Laksh : (smiles) nice meeting u … I’m lucky …. (Lends his hand but she goes) she’s not bad … Interesting …..

He eats And then he goes inside the room to change his outfit …….. He then comes out wearing pilot’s uniform and he then wears his uniform coat and gets into pilots cabin ….

Scene 2:
Pilots cabin ….

Laksh enters the room …

Some young male pilots are seen doing some other work and they are laughing, taking , eating and messing up the room ………..

Laksh : (door is open but knocks yet ) may I come in ??????

Rahat & other pilots : LUCKY !!! U R BACK !!!!!!

A person is sitting on chair turns around and sees …… He’s sanskar Laksh elder bro………

Sanskar : (smile on his face) passengers and pilots who are on off duty not allowed!!!!!! ?

Laksh : sanky Bhai it’s not funny ….. But I’m still a pilot in this airlines ………

Sanskar : Lucky……. I thought u r on leave u r going to home , Kolkata today … U joined the crew again huh????

Laksh : Bhai actually I did not ….I’ve join soon …..

Armaan (Laksh friend) : yeah ……So when will u join our crew again ????

Laksh : after 2 days ….. In Kolkata itself ……

Sanskar: gr8 Young bro … Then why r u here ????

Laksh : Senior captain Mr. R Khan told me to come here before I leave for kolkata …….

Rahat : oh captain rashid Khan …

Sanskar : and did u get any news ????? 2 new pilots are coming one pilot is coming no and another @ afternoon……..

Laksh : huh ???? Really ??? Then that might be the reason …….

Just then a girl knocks the door ….. She’s ragini …

Ragini : may I come in ????

All the male pilots see her and Laksh is surprised seeing her ……

And Ragini is also surprised seeing Laksh as pilot ….

Ragini : mr. Lucky ????

Laksh : my god .. Miss . Cafeteria !!!!!! Even u r going to work in this airlines huh ??

Armaan : (to Laksh kiddingly) u know her huh…..

Laksh : yeah met her today morning ..

Armaan : (silently to Laksh and rahat) she’s not bad …….of course as usual u would have tried your luck on her …

Laksh : (make a pale face) but for the first time … It failed …

Rahat : (laughs) finally a girl ignored u ….

Laksh : guyz shut up ……

Sanskar : nice meeting u miss ..

Ragini : ragini … Ragini gadodia …

Armaan : But sorry … U r on a wrong place … For Air hostess room … U have to go to first floor …

Rahat : come on I’ve show u the way ….

Ragini smiles seeing them …..

She then goes near a table and removes her coat ….

It’s revealed that she’s also a pilot …

All male pilots are shocked …

Armaan : (to Laksh) lucky … Not cabin crew but she’s a pilot !!!!!

Sanskar : that’s gr8….. U r the first female pilot in our airlines u know …..

Laksh : (shouts) U R A PILOT !!!!! HOW!!!

Ragini : mr. Lucky do u have any problem ????

Laksh : erhh no … I don’t …… By the way … No need of introduction .. But phir bi … Hi I’m first officer Laksh maheshwari and u can call me lucky too ….

Ragini : never mind ….

Laksh : (gives a Saddu look)

Praveen : (another pilot) hi … Praveen rathore…. Ragini gadodia right ??? And first officer and first day …Nice meeting u .. But beware of harassment ok (laughs) .. Can’t believe that there can be a female pilot in our airlines too ….

Ragini feels awkward ….

Armaan : (gets angry) praveen can u please shut your mouth !!!! Don’t underestimate ladies and respect her !!!!!!

Laksh : of course Armaan is right praveen ..

Praveen : (apologising) sorry officer r.gadodia

Ragini : it’s ok but what’s that ??? R.gadodia ???

Rahat : actually we call all officers like this …..

Ragini : oh .. And when will senior captain rashid Ahmed Khan will come ??

Sanskar : don’t know .. Even we are waiting … Where’s this Ayan ???? I asked him to go and check but still he’s missing ….

Laksh : And where’s his elder bro James Bond ????? And captain ASR is also missing …..

Sanskar : ASR …… Will come @ afternoon …. And don’t know about James Bond …..

Ragini : (laughs) who’s Ayan ,James Bond and who’s ASR ???

Praveen : oh actually James Bond is rashid sir’s elder son Asad and Ayan is asad’s younger bro …. And ASR is Arnav Singh Raizada ……

After sometime Ayan comes there running ….

Sanskar : Ayan finally u r here ….

Ayan : bhaijaan is coming here for meeting instead of dad !!!!!

Sanskar Laksh Armaan Rahat and praveen (see each other) : WHAT !!!!! James Bond is coming here !!!!!

Laksh : if he sees this room like this (coffee cups and chips packet on the floor) messed up ….

Sanskar : he will shoot and kill all of us …

Ayan : I’ve better go and call the cleaner …..

Armaan : do that first …

The cleaner comes and then cleans the room …

They all are relieved and all male pilots give hi five to each other …

Scene 3:
Air hostess room …

IAN airlines air hostess nusz (full name nuszat) , zuha Fatima ,Sarah Khan ,halima Naim , Kriya , zoya farooqui , swara Bose ,Sanjana menon , humeira siddiqui ,laavanya kashyap are gossiping with each other about new co pilot Ragini …

Zoya : hey sanju … Come on its dhoni’s match today let’s go and see …

Sanju : but if someone comes to know they will kill us … Especially captain Asad ..

Zoya : offo sanju !!!! Why are u always getting scared seeing That Jahanpana bond !!!!! U come with me and let’s come soon ..

Sanju : yeah but …

Zoya : guyz .. My self and sanju are going down to watch cricket .. See u all later …

nusz ,zuha ,Sarah ,halima, Kriya , swara , humeira , laavanya : bye zoya and sanju but come soon …

Zoya and sanju leave ….

Sarah : guyz u know there’s new female pilot in our airlines … Ragini gadodia … Today is her first flight ……… Do u guyz have any idea about here ????

Zuha : nope …

Swara : yes I do … She’s my neighbour …. Her grand ma and my grand ma use to fight with each other …. But she’s cute …

Nusz : u mean she’s like behenji type (very traditional ) huh swara ???? (Everyone laugh)

Swara : nope .. She’s hot ….

Humeira : interesting …..

Laavanya : yeah .. Cool .. New female pilot is hot … Now atleast some male pilots like Armaan , Laksh would stop flirting with cabin crew girls like us ….

Halima comes there …

Halima : guyz … Stop wasting time by talking about pilots …… Let’s concentrate on our work …

Kriya too comes there …

Kriya : oh sorry halima madam … They would have forgot that u only have rights to talk about Armaan right ….

Halima : Kriya !!!!

Zuha : and by the way we were discussing about new female co pilot who’s flying with captain rashid ….

Halima : new co pilot ??

Nusz : Ragini gadodia … At least her name is pretty ….. Let’s see ….

Laavanya : guyz come on let’s carry on with our work …

All : fine

Scene 4:
Pilots cabin

Ragini stands there simply and is waiting for Asad …

Asad comes there and sees othe male pilots enjoying …..

All male pilots see them and settle down …

Asad : (in husky male voice) good morning ……

Ragini , Laksh , Armaan , Sanskar ,praveen and Rahat : good morning sir ….

Ayan : good morning bhaijaan ..

Asad : (sees Ayan and smiles) Ayan .. Now I’m your senior officer … And here I’m your sir .. Understand …

Ayan : yes … (Hesitatingly) sir …

Asad : (sees Ragini) first female pilot … Great job …

Ragini : thank you sir ….

Laksh takes water and starts drinking

Asad : I’m Asad Ahmed Khan ….. Many call me A.khan ..

Laksh : (interrupts him) and James Bond too …

Asad : (gives Laksh a scary look) Laksh maheshwari … I know that u have to go to Kolkata today that too in our same airlines …. And too I know that u came here for meeting only .. It doesn’t mean that u can tell everyone about my pen name which u kept for me …

Sanskar : (to Laksh) lucky mera Bhai …ask sorry … Or else u would be fired …

Laksh : sorry James Bond …I mean Asad sir …

Asad : never mind …… Now crew follow me ….

Ragini , Laksh , Armaan , Sanskar ,praveen, Ayan and Rahat : yes sir …

They follow Asad and he’s giving instructions …

Asad : now Ragini …. This is your first day right ??? So u and everyone listen to my instructions carefully …… So this airlines is like a new world …. It is very different from your training session …. And when u were on training u guyz may not like getting distracted and u guyz might have got many distractions too and just like that when u become a commercial pilot there are many chances to get distracted ….. And it depends upon u ….

He notices praveen and sanskar talking …

Asad : sanskar .. Praveen ..

Sanskar & praveen : yes sir !!!!

Asad : praveen rathore … Do u have girlfriend ?????

Praveen : yeah !!! I have one !!!!

Sanskar : woah !!!

Asad : sanskar !!!!

Sanskar : sorry captain …

Asad : brilliant … See … This is know as focus .. Right praveen ??

Praveen : captain ……

Asad : u see there something which u will have in airport … Do u know what’s that ???

Praveen : girlfriend … Right sir ????

Asad : (gives angry look) it’s distraction !!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Praveen : sorry sir …

Asad : now follow me …

They start moving

Asad : And u know first when u are working in airlines u will be very excited ….. But slowly when flying becomes a routine …. Then u will all come to know about who really has passion for flying a aircraft …

Laksh sees some girls …. Asad sees this …

Asad : Laksh maheshwari ..

Laksh : (does not listen)


Laksh : yes captain !!!!

Asad : u were listen when I was talking right ???

Laksh : yes captain 100% !

Asad : oh really … Then say what I was saying ……

Laksh : voh .. Eh … U were saying about girlfriend and …

Asad : after that ?

Ragini : sir u were saying that when flying becomes a routine …. Then we will all come to know about who really has passion for flying a aircraft …

Asad : (smiles) come on I’m happy as at least there is one pilot who didn’t get distracted ……. Ok ….. Ayan u come her …

Ayan : (silently to him) yeah Bhai ….

Asad : fine … U introduce here to mr.rashid Khan as today he’s her captain who’s gonna travel with her for today …

Ayan : Bhai he’s our dad why can’t u do it …

Asad : Ayan u know that I don’t like him .. So u plz ..

Ayan : Bhai but … Ok fine ….

Asad : guyz I’ve be right back … And do as I said .. And Laksh u may leave now .. U have to go for Kolkata to ur home right so change your clothes and go …

Laksh : fine sir …

Laksh leaves …..

Ayan : ok …. Ragini …. U come with me I’ve introduce u to our senior captain rashid Khan and he’s my dad and Asad bhai’s dad too ….

Rashid comes there ….

Sanskar : luckily he’s here …

Rashid : good morning ….

Ayan : dad she’s ragini gadodia and she’s your co pilot for today …. And this his her first flight ..

Rashid : (smiles) great …. And nice meeting u miss gadodia … And today you first flight’s destination will be Kolkata …… Are you ready ?????

Ragini : (smiles) yes indeed sir !!!!

Screen freezes on ragini’s face ……

Precap : kushi hits arnav’s car … Arnav kushi fight and after coming to pilot’s cabin they come to know each other as pilots and khushi’s first flight is with Arnav … She refuse to fly with him …. On the other hand Ragini first flight with rashid is Kolkata .. Laksh is also travelling in same flight …. Praveen’s bad intentions on swara….. Asad sees zoya watching cricket match and gets furious as she’s not working …..

Guyz if u feel it’s boring then it’s ok … Plz leave ur comments …..

Credit to: Sunehri

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