In love with my stalker!(RagLak and Rumya) Chapter 2: Intro of the boy!

I’m back my lovely Twistinians. I hope you guys enjoy this part, if you don’t then my name queen of twists and twist ki dukaan will be taken away from me😮😲😱😢
Unknown person’s pov
“Oh no, I have uni today!” “I hate uni, all the girls run after me and my brother Rudra(played by Leenesh Matoo), who is a bookworm!” “I can’t understand him, he is always studying or reading books!” “He is so boring!” “No, he isn’t, I’m so proud of him for being like this!” Mr. Rajnath Maheswari said. “What else can I expect from you my dear step father!” I mockingly said. “Laksh, don’t talk to him like this!” Mom shouted at me. “Great here comes my great mom, who left my father to die and married this man, the killer of my dad!” “Slap!” My mother slapped my brother Rudra, who came between her and me. “Mom, bhai is right and I will never except this man as my father!” Rudra said shocking mom and her new husband. “What did you just say?” My so called mom asked him and he replied back: “the truth!” “Your brother must have brainwashed you!” The man standing infront of me said. “Enough!” Rudra shouted at him and then he took my hand and we went away from the killer of my father.
End of his pov

Rudra’s pov
“Rudra are alright?” “Yes, I am bhai!” “Did the slap hurt you?” “No, it didn’t!” “Don’t lie to me chote!” “I’m not bhaiya!” “Because if you get hurt, it hurts me more than you!” Laksh bhai said. “I love you bhai and I’m hungry!” “Bhukad kahika!” “I love you too and what do you want to eat?” “Pani puri!” We went to the nearest pani puri stall, after ten pani puris, I paid for it and we went to uni.
End of his pov

Mr. Rajnath Maheswari’s pov
“Your sons are just unbelievable!” “I can’t change them now!” “It’s all your fault Nina!” “No, Rajnath it’s yours!” Really?” “Yes!” She said. “You know, what I should never have married you!” I said angrilly and she replied back: “yeah, I never should have left Rey Da Silva and married you!” “You wanted to elope and marry me, but your husband came between us, so I killed him.” “So Laksh was right!” “Yes baby!” “I hate you!” “But I love you!” “I can’t stay with you!” “But you have to!” I said evilly and she went.
End of his pov

Mrs. Nina Maheswari’s pov
“I have made a big mistake!” “I slapped my son with this hand.” “Laksh was so right!” “I hate myself for doing this to my own sons!” “I hope that they forgive me for the sin I made!” “I have to talk to them, before it’s too late!” “It’s already too late!” A voice said and it was……
End of her pov
This story belongs to me


  1. TUFriendsForever


    |Registered Member

    Nice oneeeee
    Like the bond if laksh and rudra
    Waiting to know who is that person
    N pani puri awwwwwwwww
    Laksh is a good bhai for Rudra and rudra is a good bro for laksh.
    N Rajnath is the bad one na
    Awesome waiting for the next

  2. Ankita27


    |Registered Member

    Awesome update.. Rudy is a bookwarm.. imagine hi nahi kar pa rahi 😂😂😂 Waiting for the next update..

  3. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    sam di this episode was wonderful
    loved it too much!!
    luckyru moments were fab
    waiting for the next part

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