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In love with my stalker! (RagLak and Rumya) Chapter 1: Intro of the girl


Chapter 1: Intro of the girl

I’m back my lovely Twistinians. I hope you guys enjoy this part, if you don’t then my name queen of twists and twist ki dukaan will be taken away from me😮😲😱😢
Unknown person’s pov
“Ragu what’s this yaar?” Saumya(played by Neha Lakshmi Iyer) asked. What Somu?” “This mess you have created in your room!” “I didn’t know, what to wear!” She said, after she pouted. “Are you crazy miss. Ragini Shrivastav?” My mother shouted. “Sorry momsy!” “Paagal ladki(Crazy girl).” “Mona darling, don’t call my daughter crazy!” “Then what should I call her Raj!” “Call her miss. Clumsy Shrivastav!” Dad said, while he winked at me. “That’s not fair dad!” “Everything is fair in law and justice!” Somu said. “That was a good one!” Dad said, before he went down. “Girls breakfast is ready!” “Ok, we are coming mum!” I said, then Saumya and I went downstairs.
End of her pov

Saumya’s pov
“What will you eat Saumya beta?” “Paratha!” “Saumya, you are so boring and Paratha is so unhealthy!” Ragu said, while she was eating cornflakes. “So what I love my Paratha!” “I wish that your boyfriend hates Parathas and that he won’t allow you to eat them!” “If he does that, then I will tell him, that I won’t eat them anymore.” “Really?” “Yes!” “Wow!” “Saumya are you alright?” Mona aunty asked me.
End of her pov

Mrs. Mona Shrivastav’s pov
“Saumya are you alright?” I asked her. “Yeah, I’m fine aunty!” “How’s Maya?” “Mom is fine, she is busy with her restaurant and taking care of my dad.” “What happened to Rahul?” “Dad had an accident and now he can’t walk properly!” “Beta never hesitate to ask us for help, we will happily help you and your parents.” Raj said. “Thanks uncle!” “No need to thank us, you are like our daughter Saumya!” I said.
End of her pov

Mr. Raj Shrivastav’s pov
“Yeah, I’m always there for you too!” Ragini said after she hugged a teary eyed Saumya. “Thanks Rags!” “No thanks in friendship!” “You guys should be going to university!” Mona said to the girls. “Bye uncle and aunty!” Saumya said. “By momma and dad!” “Bye girls!” “Saumya is such a sweetheart, she tries to be strong for her parents!” Mona said and I agreed with her.
End of his pov
Copyright belongs to me, no one can steal my story😈


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