In love with my stalker (IshKara and RagSan) Chapter 2: Intro of the boy

Chapter 2: Intro of the boy

Hey my crazy Twistinians, do enjoy my other stories as well as this one?
Unknown person’s pov
I was getting ready for Uni as always, I had to wake up my lazy best friend cum brother Sanskar(played by Varun Kapoor). “Sanky donkey wake up man!” “Let me sleep and dream about my dreamgirl!” He said naughtilly and he even winked at me. “Idiot donkey monkey wake up or else I’ll call mom.” “No, please don’t call our lovely angrybird mommy!” “Sanskar wake up or else you won’t get any breakfast!” Our mom angrilly said. “No, momma, I will wake up!” “It’ll be better for your health!” Mom said. “Om, why is mom so angry at me, what did I do?” “You called her an angry bird!” “Yeah, but Sanky is right!” Dad said. “I won’t give you any food Tej, stay hungry like the idiot son of yours!” “I was just joking Jaanu!” Dad said.
End of his pov
Mrs. Jhanvi Singh Oberoi’s pov
“I was just joking Jaanu!” Tej said. “It’s not funny!” “I’m sorry datling!” “It’s okay!” “Sanskar come downstairs soon, so that we eat our breakfast, I’m very hungry!” OmTej said and then we went downstairs except for Sanakar. I finished setting the table and served food to Tej and Om. “Where’s Sanskar!” “I will check on him!” Om said, then he stood up and went upstairs. “This boy is trouble for us!” I said and Tej answered back: “he is my boy!” “Look at Omkara he is so mature and then comes our tufani son Sanskar!” I said. “Why are you always after Sanskar?” He asked me and I replied back: “because he is so lazy and very different than Om, but I still love him.
End of her pov
Sanskar’s pov
“Oh, man I don’t know what to wear!” “Think Sanky think!” “Sanskar, how long will take to get ready?” My angry brother asked me and I answered back: “I will be ready in 20 minutes!” “No, way Sanky, we will be late for university!” “I’m sorry bro, I don’t know what to wear!” “Wear the red t-shirt and the black trousers.” “Thanks bhai for your help!” I said while I hugged him. “Let go off me paagalness ki dukaan!” “No, never!” “Please or else you have to walk to uni!” “Noo, main maar gaya(Noo, I’m dead).” “Hahahaha, idiot ki dukaan.” My brother laughed at me. “Ok wait, I’m going to get changed.” I said and ran to the bath room as fast as I could. “I could hear my mother and father laughing. As soon as I was ready, I ran downstairs, ate fastly and went with bhai to our well known Maxwell(from my imagination) University of London.
End of his pov
Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi’s pov
“Our sons can’t live without teasing eachother!” “I know Tej, but I’m happy to see them together like this.” “Me too!” “I’m so proud of them both!” I said. “Yes, you are absolutly right Tej!” “What a day for the first time my wife is agreeing with me.” “Shut up Tej, I always agree with you!” “Why do Sanskar and I always have to shut up!” “Because you both are like drama babies!”
End of his pov
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  1. Jayanti

    Proud to be a part of twistinians…..aweso0me episode…so its ragsan and ishkara wala story..title dekhkar thoda saa confusion ho gaya thha…..but now no confusion…next part soon meri jaan

    1. AMkideewani

      Yeah it’s Sweety Jaan, Tu exchanged the name?

  2. Aarti32

    Awesome.. TejVi convo was funny

  3. Laashya

    Awesome but change DP to Raglak Rumya

    1. AMkideewani

      Sorry it’s the IshKara and RagSan one, stupid TU exchanged the title?


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      Thanks a ton

  5. Asra

    awesome didi…loved it alot…

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  10. Richa19

    Amazing!!! ! Sanskaar is so naughty… Om is ??

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    Awesomeeeee one one u thought this was Raglak it’s k I will read it
    Keep writing

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      Thanks a lot dear and the RagLak one is updated too???

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  14. IQRA222

    it is aweome one!!
    loved it totally
    omsanky bond was nice too
    waiting for the next part

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    luved it
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  16. Luv my mature nd intense Om. It was amazing.

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