In love with my stalker (IshKara and RagSan) Chapter 1: Intro of the girl

Chapter 1: Intro of the girl

I’m back my lovely Twistinians(a name for you my readers). I hope you guys enjoy this part, if you don’t then my name queen of twists and twist ki dukaan will be taken away from me????
Unknown person’s pov
“Ishu wake up!” “Let me sleep mom!” “I’m not your mom, I’m Ragini(played by Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar).” “Oh Ragu tu hai(Oh it’s you Ragu).” “I thought that it was my mother dearest.” “Ab toh tu gayi(Now you are gone).” Said another voice and this time it was my mothers. “Please save me Ragini!” “No, miss. Ishana Gopal, I won’t!” “Please yaar, I’m your best friend.” “No!” “Ok, fine miss. Ragini Kundra!” “You’ll be late for your university Ishana, go get ready.” “Ok, mama.” I said after I kissed my mothers cheek. Then I went to the bathroom to get ready. After a while I was finished and went down to have breakfast with mom, dad and Saumya. “Hey, princess!” “Hi, dad!” “Did you sleep well?” Dad asked and I replied back: “Yeah I did, but someone had to wake me up!” “Sorry, but aunty told me to wake you up!” Somu said.
End of her pov
Ragini’s pov
“It’s ok sweety!” Ishana naughtilly said and I know she will do something. “Ishan, what do you want for breakfast?” “Paratha!” She said. “Ishana, you are so boring!” “Bread is the best!” I said and she replied back: “maybe for you Rags!” “, Ishu don’t call my sweet Ragini, Rags!” “Why not mum?” “Because she is our restling champion!” “And I’m the karate champion!” “In your dreams princess!” “Dad!” Ishu pouted.” “I’m so happy for my best friend, she has parents that care for her, but my father left my mother, while she was pregnant with me, so that he could marry another woman!” “What happened Ragini beta?” Neha aunty asked me.
End of her pov
Mrs. Neha Gopal’s pov
“What happened Ragini beta?” I asked her and she replied back: “nothing aunty, I’m just happy to see you guyses relationship!” “Oh, Ragu you are our daughter as well!” “Thank you Manav papa and Neha mumma!” “How’s your mom?” “Mom is alright, busy with work, listening to taunts and insults!” “When will these people stop taunting Sheena?” Manav said.
End of her pov
Mr. Manav Gopal’s pov
“I don’t know, but I will fight with anyone, who insults my Sheena maa!” Ishana said angrilly. “Thanks Ishu for being my bestie and my protector!” I’m so happy that my Princess supports her best friend.” I said to Neha after Ishana and Ragini went to Rashford University of Science and Law(made up name).
End of his pov
Copyright belongs to me, no one can steal my story?

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  17. TUFriendsForever

    Awwwww it was a cute one
    Loved the friendship of ragini n Ishana
    Bonding of ragini with ishana’ mom n dad was tooo good
    Rags ki past it was sad
    Loved this peice of work
    Waiting for boys intro
    N I guess the girls will meet the boys in university

    Good work
    Keep writing

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Rufi, I will write the next part soon, but before that I will write the RagLak one???

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    Great start… loved it…

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