In love with my spouse (swasan os) part 2

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Lets begin
Swara slapped kavita
Kavita:how dare you slap me Swara and that too for this Sanskar you don’t know him Swara he is betraying u
Swara:shut up just shut up kavita
Kavita shows her some photos in which Sanskar is kissing her and hugging her
Swasan see those pics
Swara stares at Sanskar
Sanskar:trust me Swara I’ve never touched her though we were in a relationship
Swara them looked at kavita and threw her moblile in the ground
Swara:what do you think kavita that my trust on Sanskar is so weak that I’ll listen to you and by seeing Thai fake photos I’ll leave my Sanskar then u are wrong
Saying this Swara held Sanskar hand and came out of the party

Swasan reached home
They went to their room and Sanskar stopped Swara
Sanskar:Swara I’m blessed to have a wife like u who trusts me so much

Swara:even I’m blessed to have a hubby like u who support his wife what may come

Then they both hugged ,they had hugged eo many times but this time it was different the hug was filled with love and only live for eo

Then they both slept and as usual they both got up in eo embrace
After yesterday’s incident swasan were convinced that they were in love
Swara decided to propose Sanskar bcuz she knew that Sanskar was very behing in these things
Swara had decorated half part of the teracce and the other half was separated by a storeroom type room
While on the other side Sanskar was decorating the other half of the terrace for proposing
Both were decorating the terrace for proposing eo unknown of teh fact that the other is doing
the same
At night both had their dinner
Swara:sanky lets go to teracce
Sanky:yes let’s go
Sanky(monologue):it’s good that she is going to
teracce on her own otherwise she would have asked many questions
Swara(monologue):uta good that sanky is coming to terrace without asking quetions
They enters the terrace
Swara was taking sanky on the side which She decorated while Sanskar was asking her to come to the other side this continued for 10 mins then they both out of frustration told

Sanskar:arre Swara come to this side I’ve made arrangements to propose u
Swara:Sanskar come this side ivr made arrangements to propose u
They both said this to eo at the same time
And they burst out laughing
They then decided to go to Swara’ s part first and Sanskar
Sanskar was awestruck seeing the terrace it was decorated beautifully
Swara then knealed in front of him and proposed him and Sanskar accepted him then they cutted the cake which Swara had baked on that cake swasan was written
Then they went to Sanskar part and Sanskar proposed her and she accepted it
They were then sitting in eo embrace
Swara:this is the best day of my life

Sanskar:don’t worry swara I’ll make all your days special and nights also
Saying Thai he winked at her and Swara blushed
Then Sanskar leaned towards her and pecked her forehead then he came down to her lips he saw towards her for permission and She closed her eyes giving him the permission
He slowly pecked her lips first it was a gentle kiss but after sometime it became a hard one
Both swasan were enjoying the kiss the after ten minutes they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen
Then Sanskar carried her in bridal style to the bed and placed her on the bed
Swara:make me yours Sanskar

And that was it for Sanskar he was very happy he then he unpinned her Saree and slipped from her body he threw it on the ground and then he removed his clothes Swara was feeling shy therefore she cluthched the bedsheets
Then Sanskar again kissed her and Swara enjoyed it then Sanskar turned her and unhooked her blouse and br* his hand was now traveling on her bare back She was shivering due to his touch then he made her turn towards him he removed her blouse and br* and he was getting a treat on seeing those lovely Brea*t
The he squeezed her Brea*t and She moaned in pain he then licked the area where he squeezed
He then moved down towards her legs and remove her skirt and pan*y now she was fully naked she was feeling very shy
Then Sanskar licked her pus*y and then he kissed her all over her body he gave love bites all over her body now Swara took over she came over Sanskar and kissed him on his lips she then bited him on his lips they were enjoying this alot
Then Sanskar entered into her and they reached the ultimate pleasure of their life

*****the end*****
Guys I’m sorry if I wasted your time pls comment and tell me your views and I’m thinking to write a short ff on swaragini current track so should I write

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