My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 2)


Hi everyone ,Ia m very greatful for all of your precious coments.Truly speaking I don’t expect this much support.So once again thank-you so much.Without your support I will not be able to write further.

Hey..little Prince Why are you crying?I told you good boys don’t cry,didn’t I?You have to be strong man like your father, haven’t you?Now stop crying and look at me baby..He couldn’t understand why Ayaan was always uncomfortable with him.Arjun wanted him to be calm,all smiling.After all he was his father.He was going to brought him up,live with him,whole life.Now the only tie he has bound with in this world was his son’s.Who else will add color to that dull Mehra mansion with his happiness?Who else show Arjun his ways once he turns to be an old man with poor eyesight?Arjun chuckled on his thoughts.He was dreaming such acts from this little being,that too only three months old who know nothing but cry.Ayaan
was turning and twisting his body as much he can .Baby,why are so impatient? You are safe here.Arjun didn’t understand what his child was craving for.The frequency of Ayyan’s cry echoed in the whole mansion.
“Kaki..kaki,please come fast” atlast Arjun backed off.
Soon Rani kaki appeared and slowly took Ayaan .But that only increased his
crying.She tried to pacify Ayaan by cradling him in her hands.But the baby was too stuborn to calm down by anyone.
“Beta,Maybe..” kaki gulped rest of the words as she had to say something that was not pleasing to Arjun
“What is that kaki?Please complete your words.Maybe..??”
“Maybe the baby wants to be with his mother, beta.I know you dont like me calling her his mother,but Whatever you say,she is his mother.”
This was enough for him,mother!If it was not Rani kaki ,Arjun himself had no idea what would he have done.
“No,kaki,she is not .It was only a deal.I wanted the baby and she wanted money.So I gave her money and she gave me Ayaan.And that deal is over .Now he is only mine.Just use your logic kaki.Neither Ayaan nor me have
any connection with her.’ He said harshly.
Kaki smiled and calmly replied, ” beta,there are so many things in this world beyond your logical and business calculations.When a child comes to this world,the only acquittance he have here is his mother. Only her warmness can make him calm.When her arms bound around him,he fears nothing.Just two of them and their own world.A newborn maybe welcomed by everyone,but the only person whom he welcomes first is his mother. She..”
” What she she she kaki?Arjun interrupted her,” child can live without mother,what would have happened if I hadn’t allowed that girl to meet Ayaan after his birth.It was because of her carelessness Ayaan born as pre-matured.And for his better health she had to stay here”
“That’s what Iam also saying beta,as he born in dificult situations he needs his mother both physically and mentally.So he wants his mother.Once he comes to a good condition ,he will be with you only. “Kaki asserted her point.
But that hurted Arjun, why did his Ayaan always wants to be with her?He can provide anything for him yet he only wanted to be with her. There were maids to take care of him like mother.But whenever Ayaan cried,none of them was able to pacify him ,when he was hungry ,no milk bottles helped.Ayaan was so intelligent to understand such cheating.He was so used to the routine of clutching Radhika’s pendant whenever she feeds himSo no tactics worked on Ayaan Mehra.He was the son of Arjun Mehra.Stubbornness was in their blood.
But why cant Arjun understand he can’t expect nothing else from an infant?He had to understand that no father can compete with a mother, it was impossible in anyway.
Now all he wanted was Ayaan’s good health and then that girl’s exit from the mansion.

Radhika was in stress and anger at a time.Why he made Ayaan cry?Didn’t he had common sense to think that the baby is hungry and he needs mother?Above all he was shouting ,Even though she didn’t heard it clearly, knew well that the reason was she,her existence.But why do?He knows very well why she was staying there.Even if she wanted Ayaan he was far away from her.Then why Arjun always feels insecure over Ayaan?The thing that irritated her more was his shouting. His authoritative voice shakened every single entity in that mansion.That made Radhika worried. Is he going to treat Ayaan also like that?With no love,no care,no affection.Ayaan is his son,so he deserves father’s love.But the question that popped in her mind one year disturbed her again.Why?Why Arjun wanted his baby in this way?He was rich,belonged to a well -known business family,above all handsome eligible bachelor.He could have love someone,married her.. .But wht he had chosen surrogacy?She had a genuine reason to agree to this though that was no more significant.But Arjun surely had betteroptions.His child could have been bornas the symbol of his love .Love,oh why didn’t her stupid brain hadnt think about that earlier? Maybe he hated love.,never wanted to be in a relationship. yeah That can happnn as he was indifferent to girls since she knew him.
She still remember how much tactics young girls had done to make Arjun fall for them .Atlest for his one glance on them. .But Arjun never gave them any positive signs moreover gave a disgusted look.These things happened everyday as Arjun’s home was so close to the women’s college where Radhika studied..Girls considered him as an oasis of the desert like women’s college area..And it was Sam’s and Radhika’s daily routine to watch and make fun of the girls’ futile attempts to grab Arjun’s attention.As Sam already had her idiot,she was not interested in Arjun.And Radhika was a girl who focused only on her studies and career . But what made them wonder was Arjun’s behaviour.It was crystal clear that he he hated the girls’ behaviour. But he never stopped to appear in the balcony at sharp 3.30pm,most probably with a book in hand or on a phone call.Radhika and Sam considered him as a show piece then.Nothing on the Earth made her think that after five years she will give give birth to that man’s child.Fate was playing game with her.And it won ,she had failed.A deep sigh let out of her lips.
A violent cry diverted her thoughts. Ayaan was crying, he needs his mother and was coming to her,ignoring his billionaire father.She smiled,wholeheartedly…
to be continued……

I know its just a fragment. But please forgive me ,I wanted to update fast so its not perfect.Being a literatute student,Iam ashamed of my poor vocabulary and grammar.
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      4. What is that secret???? U can trust me with it………and when LL Arjun fall for Rads???? Exams will end tmrw……y????? to chat???? tmrw no.chance may be on 2nd…….y???? Did u convey my thanks to Paru chechi??????

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    Aadia.. loved it.. Arjun’s thoughts n Rads’s thoughts..well brought out.. ayaan comes to his mom ignoring billionaire father.. wow!! Eager 4 next chap.. gosh.. its gonna be tough mission to make Arjun accept Radz.. loads of love

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    aaaaaah aadia u nailed it…..seriously girl…….d way u expressed arjun & radhika’s thought was super……& i loved it when ayyan chose his mother over his father……..amazing…….eagerly waiting for d next………plz…plz post soon….loads of love …….muuuuuuuuuuuha

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