My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 1)

Hi guys,I dont know whether you all like this story.So if you guys dont like it, I beg your pardon before starting.

The baby was calmly sleeping in his wooden cradle.The golden sun rays peeped through the window added glory to his mesmeric little face.Radhika was scrutinizing the little one for almost an hour.After that much observation she arrived at the final conclusion that the new born was all a father’s kid. That sharp nose was a clear evidence to this.She can surely say that after 20 or 25 years Ayaan Mehra will surely be the replica of his father,like a celestial being reborn as a human .Such a one was his Arjun.But something was different in Ayaan.A smile,a cute and simple smile had worn by Ayaan.Well,that was the only thing Ayaan owned and Arjun lacked .Arjun Mehra,the Arjun Mehra and smile?No way.Radhika often wondered whether it was a crime for a billionaire to smile. Though Arjun Mehra was not a smiling creature , she owned Ayaan’s smile.She felt relieved as atlast she found something both of them can she calim that? Maybe Arjun smiles.

Atleast when he looks Ayaan.No one ,more specifically ,no father can’t help but smile .The problem was rhat she never got a chance to see them together . That was simply because Arjun disliked to meet the women who gave birth to his child.But she really wanted to see Arjun’s bond with Ayaan.Well,if she was the same Arjun she had seen five years back ,it didnt seem he will love his son.She felt pity for her child.Oh! no,How come Ayaan her child?No,He was not.He was literally owned by his father ,his father ONLY.That was the deal,wasn’t that?Before an year she felt that so easy, gave birth to the child and go away.But now….how can she?Neither she nor any other mother can do that.She had understand that earlier.She had kept Ayaan 9 months in her womb and 3 months in her lap.

In that one year a sublime bond was born between them. An unspoken language which can only be comprehended by Ayaan and herself,a warm and comfort zone where no one else had entry.Thats it.Now how can she just bid a bye and go away from him?Her motherly instincts tempted to get him on her arms and ran somewhere .Somewhere so far that his father couldn’t find them.Only the baby and she.But what to do?That was illegal .She had signed the agreement.She was helpless .Ayaan Arjun Mehra,the thre months old infant had become Arjun Mehra’s most prized possession.It was the truth.As per the saying truth always tastes bitter.Who was she there?no one ,She was nothing to both Mehra’s.She felt as a fish out of water. What was the reason of her existence? For whom?

The reminisces of the bygone times flashed through her mind.The dreams and desires which she had made up in 24 years ,they all vanished like a line drawn .But technically she lost nothing.Once she gave a good-bye to the Mehra Mansion she can be the old Radhika.As she was not a robot ,the’ technicality’ gave her no solace.How can she erase the last one and a half years from her brain?But she has to leave her soul behind.And that day was far was approaching do soon.That very thought killed her mentally.She was going to lost herself in tears,but luckily the Prince Charm diverted her attention. He was crying, as it was his only way language to express emotions.

She rushed to Ayaan and took him in arms. She stood near the window and cradled him in her arms.”Don’t cry my baby,mamma is here only”,She said ,but only after roaming her eyes around the whole room.Luckily there was no maid to inspect her.Last day she got the final warning that dont address herself as the mother of Ayaan.Except Ayaan everyone around her was loyal to Arjun .Just like him they ignored her presence.Oh,how did she forget Rani kaki,she was the only maid who was interested to talk with her.More than a maid she was an unassigned caretaker of Mehra mansion.Sometimes ,when Radhika feel to pour down all her agonies and pain which had been buried deep inside her heart ,then the only place she found solace was Rani kaki’s lap.It felt as she is with her mom .

Ayaan slowly calmed down and slept on her chest .
She saw a car approaching the mansion and it was him .Rani kaki approached Radhika’ to took Ayaan. But Ayaan was in no mood to leave his mother.He tightly clutched her shirt with little fingers.Atlast kaki made them separated but that made Ayaan cry.”Dont be these much attached to him my child,it wont be good for you both”,she slightly patted on Radhika’s shoulder and gone with the baby. That was what Radhika trying to do all these days,unluckily her all attempts gone vain .She looked Ayaan with teary eyes, then averted her gaze outside the window.Farway the Sun was setting down leaving the whole world dark ..She felt that darkness a simile of her uncertain future.If she was the optimistic old Radhika’,she would believed that the moon will swipe away all the darkness with its pure light.But now…nothing in the world except Ayaan can heal her wounds..

Hey guys, is this story worth of reading?Iam just afraid what you all have felt by reading this.But in short ,Radhika is the surrogate mother of Arjun’s child and how Ardhika’s love blooms .Please say friends whether I can continue or have to stop…please do comments..


  1. sheetal

    its really good….a new concept..pls do continue to write… its going to be a awesome one….u r style of writing so good

  2. KK

    yes..its very different concept…but there are lots of questions i have already…you only can answer them by continue…so i gave Thumbs up for this plot…plz continue

    • Aadia



      Thank you so much kk..yes i know that everyone have some doubts..i will try my best to solve that.. Once again thanks for supporting

  3. Savera

    It’s mindblowing. …
    Different angle. …you are showing. .
    You should definitely continue it…
    I really loved it. …
    Post the next episode. …soon…

  4. Happy

    I liked the way u describe the story….it’s too nice….felt bad for rad….I want ardhika love soon…pls…nxt one so soon….

  5. rasha

    Aadia its fantastic. Plss continue and make us enjoy by readng ur story.plss try update daily.good.god bless you.

  6. Myra


    |Registered Member

    Hey aadia…’s an amazing concept….really eager for the next chapter….its magic is such that it had my undivided attention after i read the first line….update soon 🙂

  7. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    Of course you should continue dear.. 🙂 Different shades to our favourite characters.. 😀 Waiting for the next chapter.. 🙂

  8. Chandana

    Hey nice concept… Yesterday only read that govt. made some regulations regarding surrogacy….plz continue

  9. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    I’m cuttice with u…….why didn’t you at least hint that u were gonna start another ff???? I’m your SISTER ri8???????? Not fair……only if you find a solution to my problem will I tell you my sincere opinion of this…….

    • Aadia



      Oh my dear baby sis…dont be mad on me.. Im sho shorry…dont be mad on me…
      Actually i wanted to say that on our last chat.then i thought you had gone…then i thought to give you a surprise..but trust me.. Bfore 2 mins I was checking fb if there is many msgs of yours..then i can tell tell my cutie is it?

      • Aastha

        Such cheesy dialogues!!! I loved it…I’ll detail my opinions on nxt Wed all right????? Till then wait…..bye….astalavista…..

  10. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous. ..I loved it to the coreeeee. …plzzzz continue dear. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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