Love between souls… KRIYAM… Part 9

Krishna thinks about Saiyyam.It is morning.Krishna and Saiyyam get ready as bride and groom.They take marriage vows.Saiyyam and Krishna think about all the things happened.It is night.

Saiyyam comes to room.Krishna was sadly looking through Window.

Saiyyam:- Krishna i know you are not happy with this marriage.Even i am not.But after all that things this is right.Try to understand

Krishna:- Saiyyam i don’t know what i feel now. You know when you were arrogant i wanted to be friends with you.I wanted you to have a good life with positive thinking.I never thought of this

Saiyyam:- I know I have changed a bit to you.But I also never wanted this.

Krishna:- I think I am not ready to accept you as my husband.But you will be my friend

Saiyyam:- Ya krishna we will be friends

Saiyyam sleep on couch and Krishna sleeps on bed

It is morning.Saiyyam wakes up and see krishna getting ready.She looks beautiful in pink saree.She dries her hair and water falls on his face.He touches the water and smiles.Krishna is unable to tie back thread of her blouse.Saiyyam comes there and touches her hand.Krishna feels awkward.Saiyyam ties the thread.He loooks her through the mirror.

Krishna fills her hair line and wears her mangalsutra.

Saiyyam comes to have break fast.Krishna serves him food.He eats.After breakfast

Saiyyam:- Krishna I am going to an interview.I think I have to move from here with you.It is not good to be here for long.

Krishna:- ok Saiyyam as you wish.

She goes to see off Saiyyam.But her leg slips and she falls.But Saiyyam holds her.

Krishna:- woh I don’t have experience in walking by wearing saree na.sry

Saiyyam smiles.

Saiyyam:- Krishna then don’t wear saree.You can wear your casual clothes.

Krishna:- Really.. mom told me to wear saree.

Saiyyam:- It is not compulsory Krishna.Wear what you like.But don’t fall

He smiles and goes.Krishna also smiles.


Saiyyam:- Krishna I got a job.I am so happy today.

Krishna:- Really Saiyyam it is very good news.I will tell everyone and also get tea for you.

Saiyyam:- ok krishna

Krishna goes and tells about the good news.Everyone gets happy.Krishna comes with tea for Saiyyam.But Saiyyam was not there.Krishna goes out and see Saiyyam sitting in garden.

Krishna:- Saiyyam why are you sitting here.I searched you in the whole house

Saiyyam:- I was talking to my parents. Whenever I am happy or sad i look at the stars and talk to them.

Krishna:- ( holds Saiyyam’s hand)smiles.. it’s ok Saiyyam.

Saiyyam smiles slightly

Saiyyam:- You know Krishna my papa always wanted me to be very responsible from my childhood.He used to say that he wants me to take over his business and all.But everything got spoiled.

Krishna:- Saiyyam your parents will be very happy today.But they never want you to get sad thinking about them.

Saiyyam:- I know Krishna.

They have tea together.

Saiyyam:- Thank you Krishna.To making me understand all this

Krishna:- No Saiyyam it is my responsibility.I am your friend and now I am your wife also

Krishna realize what she said.She feels awkward

Krishna:- I mean I am your friend.

Saiyyam smiles

Precap:- Krishna takes food for Saiyyam

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