love from soul ep -7


Hi r u all

Swara & luksh are already lovers.They are business partners also

After 2 months

San returns to airport laksh saw San.Swara also with him they came to Mumbai for a business trip

Meanwhile sakthi & dadi went to religious trip to kasi & rishikash

Laksh followed him but He missed him
Ragini was alone at home.She was in the kitchen
San entered the house through Window
Rag was cooking.She felt San presence
But she ignore it
Suddenly she felt some one close her mouth and hugged from back
She tried to free her but he was so strong

She bites his hand.He shouted in pain
She turns back to see him
San is standing.She hugged him and started to cry

San cupped her face and kissed in her lips.
She only u remember me
You went away leaving me alone

I won’t talk to u .San pined her in the wall.He kissed her

San : I promise I won’t leave u alone
Rag : promise
San : has baba
Let’s come to our point ragini
Rag : hmmm
San : I am hungry
Rag : wait 4r 5 minutes
San : I can’t wait
Rag : I should cook food
San : my food is here ( pointing towards ragini )

San took ragini to the bed he removed her Saree .He kissed all over her
They made love.both felt peace in their warm

Rag : did y miss me

San : haa I miss my better half
Rag hugged him tightly

Next day
Ragini is cooking.San came to her

San : get ready
Rag : y
San : we r going out

They both went to shopping

Swalak also came there
First ragsan go to take Saree for Ragini.
They chooseing Saree
San took a black Saree with red border

They went to take another Saree
Swalak came to same shop

They started choosing for her
swa saw that black Saree.She wants to buy it
but that servent told it already took by ragini

Swa : lak I want that Saree
lak : ok
lak asked the servent about ragini

Swalak went to ragini to leave that Saree for them
swa : mam I like that Saree.can you lit so that I can buy it
Rag : sorry my husband took the Saree I have to asked him

Rag called sanskar.San came there.San and luksh r shooked see each other

precap : not desided yet

Credit to: fagu

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