love from soul ep -4

Hi everyone thanks for reading my ff and also for commands

Let go to the story

One week passed
He had hope he will find sakthi

While San driving the car a girl came front of the car.He came out of car
San : r u fine
Girl : I am fine
While he going towards the car he head a voice
Voice : Ragini come fast
S that girl was ragini unfortunately he did not saw her face
Rag : I am coming
She went to the same Clg
San went to clerk and gave him money. He gave information about ragini
Wen San saw ragini he was stunned.She was the same girl I saw in the temple
He went search of Ragini

Seane shifted to ragini
Some boys surrounded ragini
Boy 1: bady accept my love
Rag : I can’t
Boy 2 : u will pay for it
They started to attach ragini
Our hero San saved rag .but he got injured
Rag took him to hospital
Time passed the became friends they meet often and spend quality time with each other.they started to feel for each other
But rag avoiding her feelings towards for some reason

1 & 1/2 month passed
Finally he found sakthi

Sakthi home
San rang the bell.Dadi opened the door
San : Namaste and took Dadi s blessings
Dadi : beta who r u ?
San : I am sanskar
Dadi hugged him and took him in
Sakthi were r u come fast
Sakthi saw San she felt some relationship between them
Dadi : sanskar ur son
Sakthi broken down and she started to cry

San hugged her made her calm.After long time they settled down
She made San to eat food

San : maa can I ask some thing
Sak : sure beta
San : y u left kolkata
Sak : to keep my promise

Sakthi told him the story
I love my brother sheaker and my best friend janaki
Sheaker love sumi but dad didn’t accept his love. So He made married janaki forcefully
I got married to ur father
Time passed
Ur father send me out.I got accident.After a struggle I went to baadi
I found janaki on the floor unconsciously
We went to the hospital
Janaki was 3 months pregnant
Janaki said to me that my brother secretly married sumi and they to have a daughter
She asked me a promise that I should grow her child with out my brother knowledge

So we came to mumbai after giving birth to a girl she died

Sak : can u give me a promise
San : s
Sak : will u marry my daughter
San : ok
But his mind is filled with ragini ‘s thoughts.I love u mom.u r my world.I can do anything for u.I will give my love also

Precap : ragsan marriage

Please command guys r am boring

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  3. Nice…but I feel like u taking t story little fast…nd sry if I hurt…BTW story line s nice

  4. It’s not boring but interesting.but their love story in fb is too short.

  5. nice…..why is ragini holding back?

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    add some cute scenes

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