love from soul ep -3


Hi everyone thanks for ur is my first ff so I was little bit nurvers.

Recap : San dream girl is ragini

San at his room.thinking about her story
His mother name is sakthi

Dp & sakthi story
Dp & sakthi loves each other and got married against dps father wish
They started to live happily.dp father made his best friend rajnath to separate them.
When dp left sakthi San was 5 years old

Sakthi came to know that he married ap for money.He fooled her
Rajnath try to kill sakthi unfortunately She is surviving
But all are thinking she is dead
Fb ends
San slept well
In his dream
San : mom y u left me .I was all alone.He was crying hardly. Suddenly a girl came to him .don’t I am Here for u .She started to sing a song.She will wait for through out her life .She kissed him in his cheeks

San waked up. I am waiting for u my ladoo
He went down by getting ready.He ate his breakfast and went out

He enquired about his mother and came to know she is alive with her mother and bhabi

At mm

San came down with his suitcase
Ap : beta where r u going ?
San : to Mumbai maa
Ap : but y beta
San : to search my mom
Ap : she is dead beta
San : no mas. She is alive waiting for me
Dp : what ?
San : my mom is alive

By saying this he left mm

At Mumbai
Sakthi : beta come u have to eat before going to competion
Girl : ok maa
Sakthi : all the best ragini
( s she is Ragini )
Rag : tq maa
Dadi : ladoo all the best
Rag hugged both take their blessings

San came to Mumbai stay in a lodge near a musical Clg

Today singing competition in the Clg

While in his room.He heard the sound of songs. Suddenly he heard A voice of the girl exactly the voice her in his dream

He run hurryly to the Clg .to see that girl
When he entered the Clg the song stop he missed that girl

After all his straggles he found her name was Ragini

Next day
San started his enquiries

Rag & sakthi came to temple
San saw sakthi in road and followed her
He saw her going to the temple followed her behind but he missed her
He went to God and asked him to help to find his mother and ladoo
When he turned he saw ragini he memorized in her beauty
His heart started to beat highly

He came to sence went to search sakthi

Precap : Ragini accident


Did u like this guys .pls command.

Credit to: fagu

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  1. nice…..what is sakthi and ragini’s relation?

  2. yeah…..superb episode……
    but y it is short….plzz update long one……amazing episode…..

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