love from soul ep-1


Hi everyone this is my first bare my mistakes and command me
Here the story is

A train shown.that train is going to kolkata from Mumbai.
In that train a cute romantic couple is sitting with lots of dreams. She looks like married.She rested in his shoulder
Boy : I love u .I promise I will never leave u at any circumstances
Girl : I love u too
That boy cupped his face and his her in her fore head
Again a train is shown .this not the same train .suddenly these two train hit each other.
That couple lie down by holding their hands.
They are sepparated and taken to the hospital.They are sepparated by fate

Boy get conious and put his hand in his head felt like dizziness
Doctor : r u ok
Boy : no doctor
Doctor : don’t worry u r alwrite
Boy : but doctor where I am ? Who I am ?
Seen shifted to girl
Girl : where I am ? Where is my husband?
Scene ends with confused face of boy and crying face of girl

I hope u like it. Please command

Credit to: fagu

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  1. Plzz ragsan

  2. Tq .s I wrote ff of ragsan

  3. suspense….i like it…..nice start…?

  4. nyc start is it Ragsan?

  5. hope it is ragsan

  6. Nyc ragsan plzzz

  7. Awesome

  8. I think it’s gonna be Ragsan.. BTW nice start dea..!♥

  9. Ragsan r raglak

  10. Nyc strt..plzz ragsan

  11. nice so she remembers her husband but he forgot who he is…..interesting concept. looking forward to it

  12. Nice….make ragsan…..

  13. Nice….make ragsan….

  14. Nice start.hope it’s ragsan

  15. raglak/ràgßàn

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