Love is sooo unpredictable os


hey guys ridhima here.
Was having free tym so thought to write smthng. was nt in the mood to write school luv so wrote this os.
hope u will like it too.
A room is shown beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, red and white curtains. and a girl was sitting in the middle of the bed wid ghunghat on her head ( face covered totally). she was looking like a newly wedded bride ohhh silly me she is a bride and the room was decorated for her first nght.

How awkward it is na ki the person u are bound to for the lifetime is a stranger to u. the person who will become ur everything for second half of ur life was a noone in the first half.
( leave my philosophy come back to the room πŸ˜‰ )

after sometym a young, handsome,dashing person enters the room. ohhh he was none other than the beat of many girls Mr. Kunj Sarna. He was looking more hot and smart in the sherwani.
Now the question is kunj ki shadi ho gyi but kiss se?? oh ho yeh toh usse bhi nhi pta. let him check haan he will tell everyone.

next our handsome hunk goes near her bride. and sat on the bed infront of her. he slowly slowly picked up her ghunghat.
( ghunghat uthane par usse laga 440 volt ka jhatka same case wid bride :-P)

both together-TUM
Tum mere/meri pati/ patni hoo
bg: zor ka zhatka o_O

oh oh sorry let me introduce bride.
She was looking so beautiful like an angel.
She was ms. twinkle taneja oops sorry Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.

On seeing eo they both went to their own

What exactly they were thinking?? so lets go inside their minds and check it carefully…..

Inside mind

wen they were nearly 18-19. They used to study in same college. Kunj was senior to twinkle. Kunj ws in his last year bt tw was in second yr. They were once the enemies, then best friends and now toh husband and wife. God!! Life is soo complicated.

in college middle of the recess
kunj and tw was running in the corridor opp. to each othr. suddenly they collide wid each other and next moment both on floor. They somehow managed to get up on their own.
kunj- oh now i get it. who else than tw can do this??
tw- do u wanted to say i am at fault?? no mr. sarna it was u who was running as if ur train is going and u r running behind it.
kunj- oh i c i c. My train was leaving bt u thought of ur self as train wow lovely shatabdi express and pulls her cheeks.
tw gets irked and stamps his foot and he shouted aowwww.
and tw left smiling evilly.
kunj sees her leaving and suddenly he noticed tw hand bleeding might be due to falling. He gets worried and goes behind her and stands in front of her.
tw- now wat the hell.
kunj points to her bleeding hand. tw saw it and started panicking and faints was abt to fall wen kunj holds her and take her to medical room. he bandages tw’s hand and says waise toh badi sherni bani firti hai bt thode se khoon se darr gyi. drama queen. and then kunj notices her properly ( for the first tym) . kunj was jst lost in her beauty and innocence and kept on staring her.
tw opens her eyes ad sees kunj staring at her.
Instead of getting angry she smiles at him and said thank u.
kunj comes back to reality and says my pleasure and r u fine now
tw- yeah and i ws nt knowing u r this much helpful
kunj- u dont know me, do u want to know me???
tw-why would i want to know u???
kunj- hahaha jst teasing and take care.
he was about to leave wen tw says friends mr. sarna???
kunj turns and says sure ms. taneja and also plz dont call me that call be kunj
tw- same applies on u kunj
both smiles and leaves from their.
the whole day both were thinking of each other and smiling unknowingly.
they days passes they became very gud friends, even best friends they used to share everything wid eo. Tw used to elope from hostel and meets kunj and they used to revolve all the city at night and also watched movies, goes to beach and much more. Infact they used to love eo bt was nt able to confess eo bcz of the fear, fear if the other doesnt love, if it is one sided if their friendship will cme to end.

One of the lucky days kunj decided to confess his feeling to tw. He goes to college and was very happy and nervous. he was passing in the corridor and he heard a scream from a class. he was tensed and ran to the class and their he saw the most worst seen ever. his friend rahul was trying to force himself on his life tw. He ws by now boiling in anger and gone directly to him and hit him blue and black.
rahul- kya hua kunj???
kunj was nt listening anything and was jst hitting him
rahul somehow stops kunj
rahul- jab tu karta hai tab sab theek agr maine uske saath kuch kiya toh.
kunj holds his neck that he was nt able to breathe now. tw who ws crying tries to stop kunj. after a struggle he left him and saw her. her clothes were torn from shoulders and waist. he immediately gives his jacket to her.
rahul- kyun tere ilava koi isse aise nhi dekh sakta. she spends tym wid u and says u r jst friends and now i purposed her she rejected me bt dont worry baby u will come to me i know girls like u. ek ke baad ek. ur also a sl*t. This was it any girl can hear anything not this word. She immediately ran from their crying bt kunj started beating him again
kunj- how dare u saale?? how dare u call her that??? he ws beating him mercilessly but at that tym few people come from behind and hold him and calm her down and rahul ws sent wid police. then kunj suddenly realises of tw and ran in search of her. bt this was late now as now tw had left him forever all alone. She left the place, college, hostel, kunj everything. Kunj came back disheartened. he thought the best day of my life turned to be the worst ever. He cried and also tried to find tw bt of no use. no one knows abt her and also he dont know anything abt her family. They never share abt eo families. he was cursing himself also….

(Now guys tym to leave their brain lets get back to room πŸ˜‰ )

kunj- he ws happy and angry- tw tu yahan??? tune mujhe chod dia ta na akele toh ab
tw was happy and she hugged him and said sry kunj and cried i missed u alot. i was nt in my senses at that tym i was….
kunj understands and puts his finger on her lips.
kunj- i want to say u something
tw- hmmm
kunj departs himself and picks a rose and kneels down on her one knee.
k- i love u tw. i love u soo much. i know we are married bt will u accept me
tw- happily- yes mr. sarna
kunj- only yes mrs. sarna
tw feel butterflies butterflies on hearing this and closes her eyes nd said i love u too kunj. kunj stands up and hugs her tight
k- tw ws u knowing tht u r marrying me??
tw- no kunj and u know i loved u i dint want to marry bt bcz of ma and bhai i hve to. do u know that ???
k- no yaar mera bhi same case…..
tw- ohhhh
k- vaise tw meri kismat dekh tu hi likhi hai har bar. i ws happy ki koi nai ladki aur achi ladki bt….
tw was shocked and angry and she started beating kunj..
kunj- aa bas kar yaar sry
tw- sry gyi tel( oil) lene i will kill u today
kunj holds her hand and pulls her towards him by waist. tw ws numb
kunj- if u will kill me than suhagrat kya mere bhoot ke saath banogi….and winks
tw blushes on his statement.
kunj pulls tw more closes and nxt he planted his lips on hers and started sucking them tw hands automatically moves towards his neck and she reciprocated wid full passion. kunj encircles his hand around her waist. They break the kiss wen they were out of their breathe and eyes eo lovingly. kunj agains kisses tw pasionately and hrdly…..
guys bas let them spend some tym together and this are not good manners to see some ones private moments. i hope u understand
after 2 yrs

kunj and tw was cutting a cake celebrating the birthday ceremony of their one year old child yuvraj……… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

kunj thinks
The day which ws supposed to the best was worst bt the day i ws cursing thinking to be the worst was the best. wow god life is sooo unpredictable.

The End

How was it guys??? It was my first os.
give ur views plz

and also if u want me to write more i will write bt for that give me ur views that wat kind of story u wantt like theme and plot???

and sry again for school luv wanted to do smthng different…

Credit to: ridhima

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  9. Preety Sid Bieber

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  10. Preety Sid Bieber

    Wow oxmmm…..
    Btw u r ryt (private mmnts)….hahahaha!!!!!
    Vrry fantsc…adorble n superb..ff..
    N u wht mein toh dar gayi thi ki ghungat ke niche koi aur ladki toh nahi!!!!!??
    Kp it up…..??

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      i am soo happy that u loved it
      and ya darne ki koi zaroorat nhi kyinki jab tak ridhima hai tab tak twinj ko koi separate nhi kar skta

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