Love – solves every problem (Intro)


Hi im siya… n im a silent reader… but I have a story n I would like to share it we all of u… hope u will like it… so the name of this ff is love- solve every problems.
So let me introduce the characters… before that in my ff sanskar, laksh and Uttara are alive as the rest of the family died when they were young due to a business rivalry but somehow sanskar managed to save his n his siblings life.
Sanskar maheswari – 25 years old, elderst brother. Build karma industries on his own and is the no.1 company in Kolkata and India. A cruel and heartless businessman to the world but a caring and loving brother to his siblings and a lovable husband to his wife.
Laksh maheswari – 20 years old college going guy. Famous guy in college where every girl falls for him but is waiting for his true love after witnessing and admiring his brother n Bhabhi love story.
Uttara maheswari – 18 years old sweet bubbly girl and innocent girl. Apple of the eye for her brothers and her Bhabhi. A little naughty but is loved and pampered by everyone.
Swara maheswari (nee gododia) – 23 years old. Bubbly and fun loving and innocent girl just like Uttara. She works as a dance and singing instructor in an orphanage teaching children as she is classically trained in kathak and singing. Treats and loves laksh and Uttara as her own kids.
Ragini gododia – 19 years old sweet and innocent girl. Classically train in singing as well. Loves her sister a lot and can sacrifice anything for her loved ones.
Karan gododia (played by karan wahi) – 20 years old college going guy. Famous in college and a does healthy flirting with girls. Topper of college and loves his family a lot.
Shekar and shomi gadodia – parents of swara, ragini and karan.
I guess by now u would have guessed the pairs… yes the pairs are swasan, raglak and when the story processes u will see Uttara- karan love story… I will post a prologue soon… hope u will like my story…

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