Hii … I am giving the prologue
Sati is described as a Hindu custom in India in which the widow was burnt to ashes on her dead husband’s pyre. Basically the custom of Sati was believed to be a voluntary Hindu act in which the woman voluntary decides to end her life with her husband after his death. But there were many incidences in which the women were forced to commit Sati, sometimes even dragged against her wish to the lighted pyre.

Though Sati is considered a Hindu custom, the women, known as Sati in Hindu religious literature, did not commit suicide on their dead husband’s pyre. The first woman known as Sati was the consort of Lord Shiva.

This story would be focused on a girl swara who was forced to attain sati for her husband SAHIL… but sahil never loved her .. never respected her … always drink beer and physically harresed her …..
Swara always got love , care , support and respect from her brother in law sanskaar…
Swara n sanskaar were in love but the society never accepted their love ….

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  1. Mars

    Omggg its amazing and very unique. I would love to read it. Continue soonnnnn…. Waiting….
    Happy as one new story on swasan.
    Take care.

    1. Janvi_prabhas


  2. well its nyc but now sati concept become old and people don’t follow this custom any further
    and even girls get married in many cases

    1. Janvi_prabhas

      Thanks… this story will be of olden days

  3. Soujanya


  4. Awesome

  5. Chaitu

    Interesting story with unique concept when I was in schooling I read abt this system and debated also loves to read your further parts post soon

    1. Janvi_prabhas

      Thanks dear …. i only got tis concept from sst book

  6. Independent

    Nice work

  7. SRSL

    Hey even I am 13??? nice concept we were just learning about it in civivs??

    1. Janvi_prabhas

      Hey …?? give me hi5.. thanks n i am learning in history

  8. Interesting and different concept..continue soon..tc..

  9. Neptune

    the concept is really different and interesting……
    i would love to read such a wonderful story…..
    please continue dear

    1. Janvi_prabhas

      Thanks dear nepi…thanks for such a wonderful response❀

    2. Janvi_prabhas

      Thanks dear nepi

  10. AnuAnn

    Different and interested to read

  11. Raina_Riz

    Amazing & interesting concept

  12. nyc continue

  13. AbrahamEzra

    Its a unique one and ur concept is quite interesting. Post next one soon

  14. Intresting. Continue soon.

  15. Simi


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