What Is Love (A Small Point Of View & Intro Of New Story)


Hey frds it’s me ur frd Angel

H r u all?
I’m here to discuss something well not something but LOVE
what is love it’s a big question for me or maybe for many like many people even I have a point of view on LOVE so let’s start

I’m a girl who think love is something that can’t be seen but feel for me love is not something that can be describe in words but in actions as many people know

“Action Speak Louder Than Words”

so as a girl I want someone who can love me unconditionally and truly someone who cares about me and call me at time unexpectedly just to say
“I Love U” or “I Miss U”
I don’t want someone rich in money or handsome in looks but someone rich by mind and handsome by heart who understand me and can trust me I want someone who can guide me if I’m wrong not someone who’ll shout on me for wrong I want someone with whom I can share anything and everything and with whom I can be myself who’ll love me just the way I’m well now when its on me so let me describe myself

I’m a girl who love attention and love and I even get from my family a lot because I’m younger from everyone na so they pampered me but when I’m wrong they also guide me and tell me

I’m a girl who do made mistakes but I also learned from them and I don’t made them again

I’m a girl who love bangles, anklets and ring but I don’t like lockets and earrings much u know whenever someone send jewelry or clothes (as my sister stay in India so she send) whenever it came and when we choose who want what in them I’m the last person who takes because I say “take whatever u guys want I’ll take what left” because I’m not interested and because of that my sister tease me by saying “u r girl na” hahahah so funny and more then that I don’t like gold don’t know why but I just don’t like gold I like artificial jewelry more I know u guys will think am I mad or what but I’m like this only

I’m a girl who likes songs u know I actually mumble songs lyrics while listening its just too much fun to do

I’m a girl who praises her own self like “I’m too cute na” or “don’t stare me I know I’m beautiful” hahaha I know its funny even my family says “u r only one who praises her own self this much” but I have answer for that too even I say “when no one does u should do to make urself happy” lol I know it’s too weird answer but I seriously say like that because I think everyone is beautiful in their own way and its not wrong to think u r beautiful because

“I Don’t Say I’m The Most Beautiful Girl In This World But I’m Beautiful”

I think I’m a lil bit beautiful

I’m a girl who talk a lot I’m seriously a chatterbox I just can’t stay mum unless I’m not doing something like reading or writing otherwise I talk a lot that much that my family sometimes says “how can u talk so much” well I don’t know but I bet if ever someone give me challenge to stay quite for sometime I’m sure I’ll not win

I’m a girl who love keychains, teddy bears, balloons, roses, chocolates and mangos in fact mango is something I can eat anytime because I just love mangos

I’m a girl who hide her feelings i don’t why but my mind always think why they’ll think what they’ll say but unfortunately my face can’t do that my sisters always got to know if I’m sad or happy if I’m angry or hurt I don’t know why my face can’t hide

I’m a girl u can never be ?

well look where r we I started from “What Is Love” but right now I’m describing myself uff main bhi na

well leave it and let’s come to point again which was

so after saying all this I’m thinking to write a story on

“What Is Love”

in which I’ll make heroin of my personality and nature and hero like I want

I’ll give a small intro also

Hero:handsome, hot, caring, loving, helping and friendly

Heroin:just like I’m I hope u guys know be better now because of I’m small intro ?

it’ll definitely a love story a love story I want ?

well tel me what is ur point of view on love and what u think about it

and one more think I wanted to ask but always forgot is there anyone from Saudi Arabia Jeddah as I’m from here just want to know

and don’t forgot to tell me about ur view till then bye and tc ???

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  1. Nice intro angel..u are so genuine in ur self introduction..u will definitely as u want..and please start this story asap.


  3. It was really very very nice and awesome Angel!!! I won’t miss ur ffs yaar… We both are somewhat similar… I’m princess and I’m a 16 year old girl… And what about you??? Waiting for your reply and do read my ff SAMJHOTA yah pyaar? Swaragini

    1. thanks a lot dear and I’m Angel I’m 17 going to be 18 in aug 6 ? and I’ll ?

  4. It was really very very nice and awesome Angel!!! I won’t miss ur ffs yaar… We both are somewhat similar… I’m princess and I’m a 16 year old girl… And what about you??? Waiting for your reply and do read my ff

  5. interesting

  6. it was nice intro waiting for nxt update n we both r almost similar .nce to knw abt u angel

    1. thanks a lot ? nice to know that there is people like me ?

  7. Hey this is unbelievable… I m falling for u….. be calling ur fan…… want to read the story update soon……. love u tc

    1. thanks a lot and love u too ??

  8. Plzz start it fast

    1. it’ll take time dear as its going to be a one shot story ?

  9. ur sister is married in India…in which city or state???

    1. yeah in Mumbai ?

  10. Love is a feeling which can’t be seen.Awesome update angel.

  11. Angel….same pinch…i too have the same thoughts…
    i think as our bday are same so or thoughts are tooooo same ๐Ÿ˜›
    my soul mate should understand my feeling from seeing my eyes….. he should always make me feel he is there for me in any case or situation like my dad does…. not even a single second i should feel alone when he comes into my life….

    Angel enough… i too talk a lot ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    brilliant ….waiting for ur OS

    1. hahahah I’m so happy to know about u we r like soul sisters ?

      Thanks ??

  12. hey angel!!! you seem quite interesting man!!!
    all the best!!!

  13. Awesome angel your lovely intro is mind blowing. …you’re such a sweetheart. …I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh dearrrr. ..I’m mostly just like you…little elder than u but same spirit. …for me LOVE is undescribeable, it’s a lovelyyyyyy feeling. …its something very rare in this selfish world. …n whoever have this that person is very lucky. …plzzzz continue dear. ..I’m in for this story too…as always….love you loads. . Take care sweetie. ..muaaaaahhhhhh โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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