Love from sky (Season 2 -Promo)

Hi friends.i am back with love from sky..i dedicated this to mm lovely commenters & readers..Ram pls dont read wont digest this to..:-D

A,get off carefully baby..hold my hand
P,abhi there is only dust na..i can’t see anything.

B,dont mind di.we lands hear with huge it only makes this much dust.
Dust get disappeared lil by lil… pragya kept her frist step out from the FO.
P,abhi.. i am going up na.itz amazing.
A,i told you na.itz only bcoz gravity of our planet.fuggy..look @ sky..

Pragya looked up.. sky is filled with every colours..there were three is red one is blue one is clouds..
P,wooow abhi… this is the most beautifull thing that i saw..three moons..colourfull sky…woow.
I,there so many things more di.. lets go to have a change…
A,walk on air fuggy..but maintain your balance..
P,okey..abhi why there are three moons where is the sun.
A,this is night na baba.sun will rise tommo.. those are moons of our planet if you want to go there lets go tommo.. each and every moon has unic envirionment,unic creatures.. we can visit them.but frist of all lets meet your dad & my ma .

6 of them came to a room which is filled with modern equipments
Abhi brought a flying chair…
A,fuggy sit will come now.
Pragya didnt sit.she went near the window and looked out side.. .. abhi came from behind and huggs here.pragya kept his head on abhis chest while standing .
P,what a nice environment here.lets go for walk abhi..
A,not now fuggy.frist lets talk to your dad and my mom.then have your dinner..
Tommo morning lets go for a walk.

Precap amzg welcome party of pragya

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  1. Omg!!! Omg!!! Omg!!! U r back suha awesome epi my dr frnd

  2. Welcome back my dr frnd really hap to see u here suha

  3. Wow tina di love from sky! again u gonna start it! season-2! i am very happy is asusual super duper! di.pls update love from sky season-2 soon di.

  4. Guyzzz my sincere request if u dont like anyone’s ff plzz dont read it or else stop insulting with your comments because everyone here has their own ideas and they are presenting it with lot of efforts. Just think once before you comment even u dont comment it thats no problem but dont try to criticize and everyone’s ff here is far better than real kb so no point of insulting anyone here and dont stop ur ffs keep on writing and sorry if i hurt anyone here… tina i really love ur presentation and i m interested to read ur innovative ff..coming to this promo its just awesome

    1. I agree with u arshi…..Tina asusal amazing promi…..waiting for next episode…..sry dr , I can’t able to comment in previous episodes

    2. Arshi fan di y r u not uploading love is the way of life di.i know Amouse hurted u alot but i love ur ff so so sooooo much,so pls don’t stop it di i am waiting for ur ff update soon its my kind request pls di,atleast for me di.

      1. Thnq so much loli and sandhya for ur support..i was little bit busy thats why still yet i didnt upload any of my ff but by night i will try to upload all the 3 ffs or else atlst 2 of them..keep supporting dears..

      2. hey if you are possible please update princess tale.. i love it.

    3. Ak darling.please dont mind such idiots words… you know what you are one of best ff writer which all we love.. so pls dont stop your ff for such a bl**d creatur’s words..we are here to support you na.. i am damn sure that idiot wont be able to write a os even.. in every place there are some peoples who try to drag from others leg..but we have to kick them insted of falling to their words.. we respect your creative you must post 5th prt of that ff.. then lets see what is going to do by that blo*dy amouse

  5. Super yaar very nice

  6. Superrrrr suha really exciting yaarr egarly waitng fr te part…..

  7. Tina u r best yaaaa, super n lovely.

  8. Thanks tina u start session 2… today episode super.. three moons awesome….

  9. miti
    AF (Arshi fan)

    thanq very much for this much support..♥

  10. Super welcome back

  11. Nice really superb yaar

  12. Nice. Epi?

  13. loli
    M. raj
    thanx for commenting. keep supporting friends

  14. sweet…………cute episode sweetheart

    1. hi sweety… hope you are fine now? and i am waiting for your ff ..

  15. please update next part please????????????????????

    1. ok darling.. just wait for tommo..

  16. Omg tina started season2 god i cant bilieve it somebody pinch me na???lovely tina darling waiting fr nxt part also fr vampire ff??

    1. thanx thanx thanx for this much love to my ff.. i wont pinch you.. i’ll hugg u sis! keep supporting.. love you..

      1. I too love u sissy and loads of hugs to u???

  17. Wwooww…..di its awesome paty….season 2 of my fav n unique ff…..superrrr….update soonnnn

    1. thanq varsha!!! i’ll update soon.keep supporting sweet heart

  18. omg u r back i am so happy to see this promo …………………..thanku so much

    1. thanx nannu for liking this.. i am so glad to know that

  19. awesome awesome awesome dii lovely to see my fav ff again u dont know now i am on cloudnine dii awesome episode eagerly waiting fr next episode annd dii u remember that punishment be careless i wont spare u if u didnt upload daily i will search ur house and will surely come ii dont forget na

    1. how can i froget it darling..
      so i updated vamp ff.from tommo i’ll update this too.
      and one more thing sis.. inform me before u come to my house.. becose i want time to make my teeths long… & get ready to drink your blood… ha ha ha♥

      1. tina ni enda district?

  20. nice intro tina. i didnt read 1st season. its continuation of that or a fresh part? if u r free then try to reply my question ya

    1. thanx dude!! this will be a fresh one.. no combinations with past..

  21. Awesome…I am very happy to see that my fav ff is back…

  22. Superrrrrrrrr welcome back

  23. Thanks for coming back tina…

  24. c akka while I am reading there was 40 comments.while u r reading it will be more than 90 r 100 sooooooo please continue this ff.and sry 4 not commenting last episode of love from sky because I am angry that u have completed the ff.but now I am very very very. happy. please continue. all the best to reach 100 r 200 ff

  25. Wow superbbb

  26. Sonakshimalhotra98

    Awesome yaar. When are you writing ur next part. Eagerly waiting for that???

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