Love from sky remake (intro)



It’s at night.8 30 pm.
A girl is looking at the stars while sitting on a bench at garden.. very simple and cute girl.she is our pragya.she is the doughter of great scienstis Mr.Viwek Kanna who lost while doing experiments regarding to the area 57 before one year.Her mother is already passed away.she is the only child and she lives in her own house lonely becouse she need to be separate from media people who always used to ask about her father.she bought a house from far away villege from rural area.
She is teaching english to villege children for free..
While she is sitting in the out at night she heard something is fallen.she hurrily went inside and checked every ware.she called to her maid also bt afer that she came to know that maid also not at home. When looking every where she saw a broken flower vas.. at the same time she saw something is moving behind the curtain

Pragya is slowly moving towards the curtain.till she getting very close to curtain she felt exactly theres someone. She heard even its breathing also. At once she jumped at the curtain. But unfortunatly theres no one.anyway she thought that it can be a imagination.She went to bed while thinking about the incident..

Next day morning..
Mam.. your coffee is ready. Pls have it. Maid said while opening the curtains.
Let me sleep more mothi.. said pragya while yawning.. maid,look mam theres some footprints behind the curtain. There are glowing bit also.. it makes pragya to jump from the bed.. there were some footprints so pragya confirmed something is happening around her. She took a bath and went to have brkfast while watching it isn’t work.. and she went near the tv and checked wether all the wires a fixed.. suddnly the tv gets on. But it isn’t telecast usual progrmmes..only one channel is there. And it shows a highly urban area. It seems be like very developed.. and at the bottom of screen it shows some kind of letters. Though pragya try to read it she failed becouse its unknown language for her.

In the evening as usual she went out side to watch the beuty of night sky. She feels comfortable with her pijjama and t shrt wth ponytailed hair.before her father get lost they used to be garden at the night to watch the sky. Both of them were loving that becouse Mr Viwek is head scientist of NASA who research about the unidentified flying objects(UFO).

Friends… im sorry. I dont know wht hppnd to my frist post . Itz jammed.i felt so bad
. Dont know wht will hapn this time too. Im new to ff. I mean in writting

Just 4gv me

Credit to: tina

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