Love from sky remake (episode 1)

Thanx for the supporting friends..this combines to love from sky remake becouse my frist post is totally jumbled.

When pragya turns back she saw a tall man standing infront of her. But she did’nt recognized the person becouse of dark.
Pragya.. hey who are you came here without asking my permission. You know Mr. This is my garden my home. Why dont you talk even. Tell me who are you.
Then stranger keep his hand on pragyas sholder.i’ll tell you later. Frist let’s go’s risk to be in outside. You’ll easily get targeted
Pragya,what the hell are you talking. Just show me your identity if not within two mins police will be here.pragya took a mini swiss knife which she had kept inside her hair and said dont dare to toch me again..
Then stranger tell ok i’ll tell who am i.. can we please go inside.

They came straightly to pragyas room.. pragya turns on the light and then ask tell me now who are you.handsome boy is thre (yes thats our abhi)he began to talk.

Itz better if i say i am abhi. When i came to your planet i select this name.i am the one who sent by your father to protect you. Since he get lost from your eyes he handover you to my eyes. I was with you since last year.just like your bodygurd. I am doing this bcoz your farther is good human.and he told no one of your relatives are trustfull enough to let to care about you.
Pragya started to cry after hearing that her father is still alive.

Precap÷ no one can harm you untill i have my last breath

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    i’ve already sent a long epi..

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  7. Awesome yaar… It’s really superb thn abhi s an alien ah?????? bt really superb episode yaar n eagerly waiting for next part.

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