Love from sky (epi 18) (Last Part)

Hi friends.. no more comments for my vamp i desided to stp it and write some odinary ff.. itz okey..
Here our love from sky.. this is also going to be last part..

R,relax bro.. she will come na.
A,yep but will she love like before.
I,y not abhi. She must understand your condition..
B,abhi she will reach here with in 20 scnds…

Pragya came to main control room. Abhi didnt smile or move even.
Pragya rushes to abhi and hugged him tightly..
P,i am sorry abhi..i know you did that for me..i know that you also cant bear it.. but sorry abhi.. pls forgive me..
A,just leave it fuggy.i also have same feelings about our baby..but i did it with reason.i cant lose him even..
B,what reason.i didnt got that?
A,haan bulbul when i ask you to abort it,i already had a plan.cant you remember our warriors have time machine we can use that..
Purab, is that true ranveer.why time machine with you.
R,ha true.becose if we missed something in mission we use it to recorect that.
P,okey then take it out soon ranveer.i want my baby back..
I,okey then abhi what is your plan.

A,bring your time machin here and ready to chambers.i also going to travel with her.then ranveer you have to take time to last night.. i will feed pragya with nutrional foods and syrups which makes blood circulation fast.. it will only take thirty mins.if she have them she wont faint in morning.. and nothing will happened to baby too.. one more thing.after 30mins wake up us…

Bu,game is on guys.. purab my sweet

Heart..come lets rock the game.we’ll direct our main engine power to time machine..
Ranveer took a small capsules just one inch length.then he kept it on floor and took a remort and click some buttons. Capsules becomes large.its just like a single bed fully covered..

I,pragya get in to this.. abhi you too..

Abhi and pragya get in to that.

I,purab,supply energy to time machine when i count to 3.
Here we go.. good luck guys..
1…. 2….3…. go..
Lights in the control room get dimmed once.
Those capsules vibrates for few mins and disappeared..

Pu,they’ve gone.. ranveer count thirty mins.. we have supply same energy na.
R,haan purab..hey i feel something is wrong there.ishu scan out side and check wether some thing out there..
I,ok boss..
Ishu look @ her wrist watch.itz a micro computer which can do anything.
I,ranveer someone is digging here.we were cought
Prb,damnshit.why computer didnt inform us.
Bu,mey be becose it haven no enough power.we are supplying it to time machine na..
I,hey friends..thia is tanu.she is very near to us..our lab cant protect itself becouse securty system hvnt enough power..
R,purab we have to protect main control room till abhi comes.i and ishu will bring all our stuffs here.till takecare about time machine

***************abhigya in past.
A,fuggy dont make anynoise..they can here us..
A,arey you and me yaar..cant you remember.this time we were in wash room na.romancing yaar romansing(teasing manner)
P,ohh our bubble bath..okey
Now give me those foods and syrups.
A,here fuggu have them.i’ll be back.
P,where are you going..
A,i am going to see my self..i want to know how i am looking when romancing with you..
P,chee abhi.shameless na.let them enjoy that.i had thse things.lets go to future now.
A,arey we have more time na.lets watch ourselves.
A,okey meri ma. Lets go..they botj get im to capsule and in that pressed some thing.
R,here we lock main room from all the sides.we can survive here till abhi come.
Bu,yes boss..

After few mins two capsules are appeared.after abhi and pragya came out from that ranveer explained every thing.
A,dont worry guys.. we can escape from this.
Pr,di are you okey now.
B,ha i’ve already scan her body.she is fine with her baby..

A,guys here .. this is pragya’s dad’s machine.. untill i arreng trip to our planet 4 of you have to a small job..

R,tell us abhi.what we have to do.
P,wait wait i cant see any machine na. You have only chip with you..
A,fuggy this becomes large.. after i odered it then you get in to this and sit inside.
Purab you have to take our computer details to a pen drive becouse itz our friend na..
Computer from background, thanq sir for your kindness
A,bulbul make our system to auto destroy after tanu and her FO came inside.
Ranveer you have to load all our technical items to this..
Ishu you have to check all these things.. we have five mins.hurry up gys.

All in chorus.. ok boss..

After five mins..

All were in machine..
A,were your seet belts guys.we are going to leave..

All were with happy faces..pragya holds her hand on her tummy.. abhi looks at her and send a flying kiss…

1… .2…3…

Machine get desappeared and same second tanu ,nikhil and her goons came in..

T,damnit.. they escaped.
N,letz follow them..
T,chup idiot.they used that wivek’d machine.
N,oh then letz go to your planet and catch them.
T,ha thatz only tje way. Send your men out from this and you get in to my ship..

Nikhil send his men to earth surface..
And he get in to tanu’s FO
N,letz go tan…
(Before he completes the sentense lab get blasted with both of them)

Sorry friends.. i thought to end this today becoz i dont want to dragg this anymore.. and i think you dont like that vamp story too.. may be its bcoz that disgusting montage.but i tried to express my ff from that too.. i will write os when i got time.. promise…

and i want to thank who comnent on my ff s and really it becomes huge support to me..and hats off to my silent readers tooo..
good bye friends.. take care♥♥♥♥

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  1. i lkd it a lot tina sad to hear that u ended d stry no prblm try anthr new one lk ds

    1. thnq very much zoya!

  2. Awesome. …n sorry for not commenting but love ur unique vampire ff so don’t stop update it soon

    1. hey dont say sorry baba.. i’ll update it

  3. no tina u’s r very good n interest not boring yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    U r different one yaaaaaa

    that vamp story also super n lovely

    pls conti U both ff pls……………. its request pls

    1. request confirmed di!

  4. am goin to kill u….dont stop that ff.. …really it was awesome… go-ahead….k….???

    1. ya.. sure emmy sweety.. if you like.. definetly i’ll

    2. hey where is your ff.. i am waiting to read abhigya confession.updt asap. if not i am the one who is going to kill you

  5. Plz I love ur ff and vampire story it was awesome I’m waiting for that so plz update it don’t think it is not nice it is kind request plz accept this kind request and upload next part i am begging u plz

  6. superbbb yar ………& vampire is not boring it’s intresting onlyy

  7. No no no plzzzzz don’t discontinue tat vsmp story yaar its really interesting plzzzzzz continue yaar plzzz,,,,

  8. Very nice suha…i just love ur thoughts because u always try something different from the dont limit urself thinking like that..keep going with creative ffs..we r alwyz with u

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    waitng for ur new ff. keep smilimg

  10. Tina darlng awesome ending yaar and dnt stop vampire story ma pls continue waiting fr tat epi??☺

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    today awesome super….

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  18. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb yaar……..I like it…….

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